Friday, 28th July 2017
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Green Party Convention another Great Coup for Waterford

The Green Party will be holding its annual convention in Waterford this year, a decision that’s been welcomed by Waterford’s Green Party Senator Grace O’Sullivan.

“Politics needs to be relevant, connected and on people’s doorsteps. Holding the convention in Waterford sends a positive message and reflects the core Green belief in bringing politics to the grassroots level.”

The convention will take place from Friday March 24th to Sunday March 26th in the Tower Hotel on Waterford’s Quays. 400 delegates from all over the country are expected, including councillors, TDs, Senators and members of the Northern Ireland Assembly. The convention will feature a number of guest speakers who will be named closer to the date.

With the large number of delegates expected, Senator O’Sullivan says the local economy will benefit.

“These visitors bring direct benefits. We’re a coastal county that sees a lot of its tourism business focused on the later summer months. Many of those delegates will be staying locally, so the revenue boost for local business will be very welcome.”

The Senator has some experience in bringing groups to Waterford since her election last April. The Seanad’s Civil Engagement Group, Grace’s civil society orientated group in the upper house, held a day-long strategy meeting in Tramore, Waterford and Dunmore East in September. In October the Young Greens held a very successful annual convention in the City.

“Getting politics out of just the capital is something I feel strongly about. Happily the party I’m a member of is also committed to this, and we’re lucky to have such a dynamic local Green Party who are very supportive when it comes to welcoming our visitors from Leinster House and beyond. I like to shine a spotlight on the tourism and employment potential of Waterford and the surrounding region.

Chairman of the Waterford Green Party, Marc O’Cathasaigh agrees that Waterford’s green credentials are good:

“As well as having Senator Grace O'Sullivan living here, Waterford is home to the Grow It Yourself (GIY) movement, the Déise Greenway, and the Copper Coast Geo Park," says Marc, a Tramore based teacher. “We’re looking forward to welcoming delegates in March and think it will help us in our efforts to keep spreading the Green message in Waterford. We need a strong Green voice on the Council after the 2019 local elections. Our local branch is growing in numbers and having the convention in Waterford is a real opportunity for anyone interested to get on board.”


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