Sunday, 19th November 2017
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CityPOST launches new iPOST secure nationwide postal service for Irish business following a €1m investment

Waterford businesses can save up to 20% on their total postal costs CityPOST, Ireland’s leading independent postal service, is pleased to introduce iPOST, a new postal service designed especially for business, to County Waterford. iPOST, from CityPOST, provides companies with a one-stop-solution, providing free letterheads, free printing and free envelopes and then processing, packing and posting your letter for just 66c. This is less than the price of a stamp.

The service was launched following an investment in excess of €1 million by CityPOST in new state of the art technology at their facility in Rathcoole. The mail will be delivered by CityPOST or An Post, dependent on location.

IPOST’s new online hybrid mail solution will improve the traceability of mail, no matter where your business is located. From Tramore to Dungarvan iPOST’s system allows businesses to create and securely send business letters, invoices and statements from any desk or PC, using encrypted and secure technology.

iPOST’s new online hybrid mail solution can save businesses up to 20% in total postage costs while removing the need for business to print, stamp and envelope letters. iPOST is the first in a range of ‘Technology Bridge’ digital products from CityPOST, which combine the convenience of digital with the strength of direct mail. Further products will be announced over the coming months. By printing addresses specifically for delivery, iPOST mail will be easier to read and suffer fewer legibility issues than handwritten envelopes.

Companies can calculate their savings in advance by trying out the iPOST calculator at . For example, a company posting 1,000 letters or documents per week, could save nearly €9,000 per year in postal, printing and associated costs.

CityPOST CEO, Ian Glass, launched the new postal service for businesses in Waterford said:

“We are delighted to introduce iPOST to all businesses in County Waterford. Our new iPOST service will reduce costs for businesses, saving them time and money, as well as improving the traceability of mail. Mail is important for so many aspects of business, but it should not be time consuming. iPOST’s one-stop solution allows companies the benefit of mail while removing the burden of printing, packing and posting.

“The future of postal services in Ireland is in harnessing technology to provide a more effective and simple service. We believe that there is a real opportunity to grow the Irish postal market throughout Ireland, but this is only possible through innovation. iPOST also offers an even playing field for businesses around the Country – every business, regardless of location, can have direct digital access to the sorting office. iPOST is the first in a series of ‘Technology Bridge’ digital products that we are introducing this year. The iPOST technology has been proven successful in markets around the world, including the UK and US, and now Irish businesses will have access to a product which will change the way they use post.”

iPOST is simple to use. Once you download the iPOST Print Driver, you can create your letter or message, and then press print on the document you want to post. Instead of printing the document in your office, the file is sent by encrypted file to secure CityPOST servers. Your invoice, letter or statement is then printed, packed and posted by CityPOST with a unique, traceable barcode. No printing, packing of envelopes or rushing to the post box is necessary. For invoicing, iPOST is compatible with all major software packages.

iPOST will Barcode & track your mail from your desktop, through each stage of postal production, from handover for posting through to a 2 to 4 day delivery timescale. With an intuitive interface and an optional design template, you remain in complete control at all times. Not only can you process all your invoices, letters on your own letterheads with signatures, you can send direct mail campaigns, payslips, reminders and other mass mailings.

Established in 1987, CityPOST is a Progressive Participant in the Postal Sector in the country, with high volume postal delivery capacity across much of the country with hundreds of postal delivery personnel. The company currently delivers millions of items into letterboxes all over Ireland every week. CityPOST has been delivering the phone directories and Golden Pages since 2002, in Waterford and throughout every region of Ireland, including the most remote locations around the country


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