Saturday, 18th August 2018
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Enjoy Waterford’s Greenway in comfort on an E-Bike

In the early 1950’s during the month of May what could be called a spectacular hurling tournament was held in Dunhill. At the time it was no bother to me to cycle the approx. twenty miles there and back on my Raleigh, all steel bicycle as it was called at the time, with my younger brother on the cross bar. Those were the days, as we all know age does its job and on retirement I thought my cycling days were over. I was wrong! Upon reading in a fitness magazine about the new electric bike, I was hooked and I hired out my first electric bike. After some practice I made a nostalgic spin on my E-bike, yes you guessed to Dunhill, uphill and down dale no bother I was rejuvenated. It was then I knew, I was ready for what was for me an ambition to cycle the Greenway to Dungarvan and back sixty miles. So off I set, up Bilberry on my E-bike on to the Greenway, passing the Red Iron Bridge which I walked across as a child. I could write a eulogy on the performance of my E-bike, it was a great experience. All that was wanted was an occasional pedal of encouragement, my bike did the rest. What a difference to my old bike. This is certainly a beautiful scenic trip, stop every few miles, enjoy the view also the refreshment stops along the way. I couldn’t recommend it more, paying a visit to the recently opened E-bike hire shop in Waterford and avail of some of their demo models of E-Bikes.You will really enjoy it. Turn back the years!


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