Tuesday, 19th June 2018
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Pieta House Amber Flag awarded to local school

National suicide prevention charity, Pieta House, awarded its Amber Flag to over 80 schools, colleges, clubs, and societies, recognising their individual efforts to create healthy, inclusive environments that support mental wellbeing. The event took place on 17th May in Oriel House Hotel Ballincollig, Health & Wellbeing Coach, Alison Canavan was on hand at the event to offer advice to the students and groups before they stepped on stage to accept their Amber Flag from programme founder Frank Mulvihill and Pieta House CEO, Brian Higgins.

The Pieta House Amber Flag initiative, now in its 4th year, recognises the individual efforts of schools, companies, and groups to create healthy, inclusive environmets that support mental wellbeing. The award unites these groups in their efforts working toward a happier, healthier Ireland and eradicaing the stigmas associated with mental health issues.

All groups receiving the Pieta House Amber Flag qualified for the award by hosting a mental health awareness event, a fundraiser, and a mental health initiative. The programme encourages teamwork and student contributions, and works with school guidance counsellors to include a peer-support element.

Programme co-founder Frank Mulvihill oversaw the transition of the programme to Pieta House this year, and commented,

"It gives us great pleasure to see Pieta House taking the Amber Flag under its wing in creating environments where wellbeing is central and active help-seeking is encouraged. The strength of Pieta House as an organisation will ensure that this amazing initiative will endure into the future at a national and international level."

CEO of Pieta House, Brian Higgins, added, "The Pieta House Amber Flag initiative allows us to support schools and youth groups across the country in raising awareness of the stigmas which exist in their environments associated with mental health issues. By supporting these groups to create stronger and more resilient environments, we can build stronger and more resilient young people."

For more information on how to take part in the Amber Flag initiative contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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