Tuesday, 19th June 2018
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500 letters given to Mayor

Pat Nugent, Waterford County Mayor, met with members of Blackwater Valley Wind Aware working committee who were representing the parishes of Knockanore, Glendine, Kilwatermoy, Tallow in Waterford and communities in East Cork.

Angela Farrell, Ava Farrington, Michael Murphy and Peter Power handed the Mayor 500 letters signed by concerned citizens. The threat of a wind development by Innogy Renewables Ireland, a subsidiary of German multinational RWE, in the middle of their community and close to their homes has brought neighbours in the community together.

The letters are asking the Councillors, in a cross-party motion, two things.

One is to re-designate the upland area between two scenic routes and close to the Blackwater Valley Special Area of Conservation (SAC). The community wants the Councillors to bring in a variation to the current County Plan changing the area from one 'preferred for wind' to one that is 'no go' for wind.

The second request is to ratify the variation to the setback distance the Council already agreed to unanimously, bar one, in July 2017.

The letters delivered on Monday ask the Councillors.

Ava Farrington Secretary of Blackwater Valley Wind Aware said "The community are still in a state of shock at the scale of the development being proposed and by the lack of meaningful engagement with the working committee on this issue by Innogy Renewables Ireland".


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