Saturday, 22nd September 2018
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Over 23,000 students (23,600) from 480 Irish secondary schools take part in Student Enterprise Programme through the Local Enterprise Offices every year, bringing the world of business into the classroom. Some of the county’s most enterprising teenagers are ‘counting down’ to the Student Enterprise Programme National Finals on Wednesday, May 2nd in Croke Park. Starting every September, students across three age categories (Junior, Intermediate and Senior) research, set up, and run their own businesses with the help of their teachers and supports from Local Enterprise Offices Nationwide, 230 students from 77 different student enterprises have now reached this year’s National Finals, having qualified through school and county finals earlier in the year.

Student entrepreneurs from CBS Dungarvan and Ard Scoil Na nDeise will be representing Waterford on May 2nd, including:

- Deise Publications from CBS Dungarvan in the Junior Category

- A&K Crafts from Ard Scoil Na nDeise in the Intermediate Category

In the Intermediate Category, the students competing in Croke Park under the guidance of Ms. Foley from Ard Scoil Na nDeise are A&K Crafts. These students created and sold seasonal plates and mugs. Deise Publications is competing in the Senior Category, under the guidance of Mr. Collins from CBS Dungarvan. These students produced and sold Greenway calendars.

Run by the 31 Local Enterprise Offices in every local authority area, the Student Enterprise Programme is the biggest enterprise education initiative of its kind in the country, with 23,600 students taking part every year from 480 second-level schools. Funding for the programme is provided by the Government of Ireland through Enterprise Ireland, and since it started in 2003, over 150,000 students have now taken part.

Jacqui Gaule with Local Enterprise Office Waterford said: "The National Final in Croke Park is the biggest celebration of secondary school entrepreneurs in the country every year and we want to wish the students from Waterford the very best of luck in judging on May 2nd. Thanks to the support of teachers from over 480 schools, including 15 local schools here in Waterford, the Student Enterprise Programme links in with the school curriculum around enterprise in the classroom and really helps students gain skills and practical knowledge of running a real-life business. The programme also encourages more students to consider entrepreneurship as a future career choice, with Local Enterprise Office Waterford on hand to help."


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