Saturday, 22nd September 2018
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Special Good Friday Restorative Yoga & Meditation Workshop

Join Karla Kelly for this special Good Friday Workshop, to make space for you as you head into the long weekend.

Combining both Restorative Yoga & Meditation, the 2 1/2 hour session will incorporate a long guided meditation practice, followed by a full body restorative yoga class. The guided meditation will allow our mind to settle, and our awareness to be gradually and gently guided from the 'outer' world to our 'inner' world so that we are more available for ourselves and our bodies.

Restorative Yoga is very tranquil, using blankets, bolsters blocks and cushions to encourage your body to let go and relax deeply. As there is no muscular activity, the body is supported & held into position.

It helps soothe your nervous system, calm your mind, release body tension, relax your organs, improve the quality of your breath, replenish energy levels, balance chakra’s and allow your body, mind to deeply rest.

This practice stimulates the para-sympathtic nervous system - often called our "Rest & Digest" system to balance a busy life.

Restorative Yoga combines meditation & relaxation, it quiets the mind, making it more reflective, as meditation does, but doing so while the body relaxes deeply, so reflection and insight becomes embodied.

This complements an active yoga practice & anyone can practice Restorative Yoga, regardless of age, shape or physical condition, even those with no Yoga experience. The poses are designed to be comfortable. €25 euro investment for the workshop.

Contact House of Yoga on 085-8181386 or visit for further information.


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