Sunday, 23rd September 2018
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Despite initial confusion that full planning had been granted to the multi million Euro North Quays development is has emerged that there are now two valid objectors to the project.

The objectors are Pat Moran from Cheekpooint and Eddie Lynch from Passage East.

Mr. Moran said that his objection was based on his belief that Waterford City and County Council have not given enough assurances that cruise ships, and the Tall Ships, will be able to come into the city.

The second objector, Mr. Eddie Lynch, Passage East is based on his objection that the Council is trying to compulsorily acquire his property which is outside the North Quays Strategic Development Zone.

Deputy Mayor comments Collr. John Cummins, Deputy Mayor has issued the following statement on the latest development:

"Obviously this is extremely disappointing news. I think An Bord Pleanala have very serious questions to answer, to inform council at 5pm on Thursday, a full 24hours after closing date that there was only one appeal and it was invalid and then tell us Friday @3pm ‘sorry we have in fact received an appeal and it was received on Tuesday and only made its way to the relevant desk today is shoddy and amateur. I believe they should be apologising to the people of Waterford for misleading them.

The sense of optimism and delight on Thursday quickly evaporated on Friday when we all learned of the appeal. I would plead with the individual(s) in question to withdraw the objection because it potentially calls into question the commercial viability of the project if An Bord Pleanala were to change the parameters of allowed retail for example. That’s where the risk lies, not so much on the timelines because the investors and council will continue to develop our detailed designs which will take 6 months.

Everyone recognises this development must happen if Waterford is to achieve its full potential. The North Quays and Michael St. Developments have the potential to be the catalysts for the next two decades of growth and prosperity in Waterford and it would be a shame to risk that due to an objection. I am willing to meet or facilitate meetings with the individual(s) concerned so as to address some of the issues they have, nothing is insurmountable & the best case scenario would see the objection(s) withdrawn!"

Lengthy Delay

There is an eighteen week delay before An Bord Pleanala are obliged to make a decision on the objections. However, it is also open to both objectors to withdraw their objections at any time.

Already Colr. Cummins has offered to mediate in the matter and there is no doubt but that other interested parties would be also willing to do likewise.

Irrespective of the outcome the general public viewpoint is that the proposed development would transform the North Quays. The developers met the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe last Friday where the benefits of the scheme were outlined.


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