Sunday, 23rd September 2018
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The WCTU is urging everyone who can to support the national demonstration in Dublin on Saturday, April 7th, 2018, being organised by the National Homeless and Housing Coalition. WCTU will be running transport to this important event. Buses will leave from outside the Forum, the Glen at 9.30am. Those wishing to travel on the bus can book seats at €8 each, by contacting Unite the Union Centre on 051 875438. The Demonstration will assemble in Parnell Square, Dublin at 1pm.

We are in the middle of a dire crisis of family homelessness nationwide. As of January 2018, there are 9,104 people homeless, more than one third of whom are children. This is a net increase of 517 on the December 2017 figures. There are 72,500 people in mortgage arrears, and 900,000 renting, with many paying unaffordable rents and being evicted daily by landlords. Over 100,000 people are on Councils’ housing waiting lists throughout the State. Along with all of this there are the hidden homeless living in overcrowded and unsuitable accommodation.

This crisis did not happen overnight. It can be traced back to the withdrawal of Local Authorities from direct social housing provision, and a reliance on the private sector to provide social housing since the late 1980s. The political establishment remain obsessed with attempting private sector solutions that don't work. The housing crisis affecting so many of our people must be declared a national emergency. We need the building of 10,000 quality public housing units, on land that is already publically owned, along with the acquisition of vacant properties. We need real rent control, affordable rents and a ban on economic evictions. Housing must be made a constitutional right.

The National Homeless and Housing Coalition is a grouping of community, political and trade union bodies working together to force change on the issue of Housing.

Housing is a Human Right. This is a National Emergency. It must be dealt with it as such.


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