Tuesday, 20th March 2018
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Waterford braced for 'Beast from the East’

Waterford City and County Council’s Severe Weather Team are fully prepared for anything that the dreaded 'Beast from the East" can throw at them over the next few days.

Met Eireann have issued a "status yellow’ warning to include many Eastern counties including Waterford, and the first snow began to fall in Waterford yesterday (Tuesday). Air temperature is dropping and is expected to hit minus six or seven Celsius overnight. However, this will be exacerbated by the severe wind chill factor and heavy frost.

Waterford City and County CEO, Michael Walsh said they had been receiving advice daily from Met Eireann. "We will have continual updates from the National Co-Ordination Centre and will be ensuring all our resources are available and are in place." Along with salting the roads snow ploughs will be available if required.

He said that the Local Authority were far better set up now than in previous years in terms of equipment and machinery. He said that the Local Authority had made significant investment in handling situations like that predicted.

Aine Brady is CEO of Third Age said: "We know that older people are less mobile and can lose body heat quickly. If you are ill or frail you may have special problems keeping warm. We would be worried about hypothermia should body temperature get very low and an older person on their own may not realise what is happening," she said.

"As an older person, keep in touch with the people in your life. Let them know how you are. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If necessary, ask shops and pharmacies to deliver groceries or medication. We are also calling on family, friends and neighbours to be particularly aware that older people may be in danger this week. Check on them, call, phone, ask to do their shopping, collect medicines, bring in fuel. Visit your family member, bring them a hot meal and share some time with them," she says.

The public are advised not to make non essential journeys and to listen to national and local radio and television for ongoing updates on the weather situation. Be warm, be safe!


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