Sunday, 23rd September 2018
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31 arrests as part of Operation Storm in Waterford District

This operation constituted a high visibility targeted tactical deployment of resources in the Waterford District designed to prevent crime, disrupt criminal activity, arrest criminals wanted for crime, warrants and enhance public relations.

Searches, arrests and warrant executions were carried out throughout the City. Checkpoints were conducted on all the approach roads to Waterford City and within City on the 6th & 7th February 2018.

Crime – Arrests & Searches

This crime operation was carried out on Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th February 2018. It featured arrests and detentions against all active burglary and theft criminals in the Waterford District.

Currently a total of 31 persons have been arrested;

- 18 persons arrested for crime

- 13 persons arrested on warrant.

8 of these persons were detained under the provisions of Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act 1984, at Waterford Garda Station.

The offences for which persons have been arrested include thefts, assaults, criminal damage, robbery, burglaries and S15 MDA.

Sixteen (16) of these have been charged and will appear at local sittings of Waterford District Court in the coming weeks.

A total of seven (7) searches were conducted on premises.

A total of fourteen (14) warrants have been executed, with 13 persons arrested.


The Checkpoint and Patrols were deployed to prevent further crime through high visibility targeted policing of key locations with the clear object of intercepting criminals as the move about the Waterford District.

Crime Prevention leaflets were handed out to members of the public to increase the awareness of protection of personal property and possessions.

A total of 24 checkpoints have been conducted to date. Three (3) vehicle was seized under section 41 RTA.

Crime Prevention/ Education and Awareness

The distribution of crime prevention leaflets and information is a key feature of education and awareness strategy.

Sgt Brendan Roche went on local radio to give briefings and give crime prevention advice.

A number of Schools were also visited.

Gardai had prevention advice stands were set up at University Hospital Waterford, Tesco,

Poleberry, Lisduggan Shopping Centre, W.I.T Campus and City Square Shopping Centre.

A number of Crime Prevention Beats Patrols were detailed to Sectorial areas within the City.

In summary the following figures refer:

- Total Arrests 31

- Total Charges 19

- Warrants Arrest 13

- Warrants Executed 14

- Section 41 Seizure 3

- Searches 9

- Defendants served with Summons 62

Drugs Seizures

- Simple possession S3 - 6

- Sale & Supply S15 - 1


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