Thursday, 20th September 2018
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‘Hand on Heart’ campaign extends to the streets of the South East

‘Hand On Heart’ the campaign for 24/7 Cardiac Care begun by ‘Health Equality For the South East’ are undertaking a cardiac awareness event on street in Clonmel this Saturday beginning at 1pm.

Campaigners from Southeast Cardiac Campaign groups including HEFSE, SEPAG and ‘24/7 Cardiac Care for the South East’ will be joined by emergency first responders and other voluntary professionals to create awareness of the regional emergency cardiac situation.

Activity will be staged from the 'Main Guard' Area in Clonmel town centre with proceedings beginning at 1pm and finishing at 4.30pm. Supporters will be assisted by local voluntary ambulance personnel and trainers from Irish Heart Foundation in providing information and demonstration of emergency cardiac rescue to include emergency CPR.

Supporters will also hand out information leaflets with a voting declaration encouraging the public to become actively engaged and follow the example of Clonmel Chamber of Commerce and Irish Heart Foundation in supporting the event.

PRO of HEFSE Matt Shanahan said: 'Despite a lot of talk in intervening months, there has been no material change to the treatment protocol of emergency heart patients in South Tipperary or in the wider South East region for that matter. We remain the single most disadvantaged region in the country in respect of cardiac intervention and access.

We wish to give people in South Tipperary the opportunity to join the campaign for regional 24/7 cardiac care and we will assist them in contacting their local elected representatives to register their support for a 24/7 regional service. If they so wish, they can also signal their future voting intentions based on this ongoing discriminatory situation’.

A national review of emergency intervention for dealing with heart attack patients was announced by Health Minister Simon Harris a day before the Dail recess in July.

This review was announced to specifically evaluate emergency cardiac need in the entire country including the South East region. Many of those campaigning for an expanded south east service believe this to be another deliberate fudge to stifle expanding the south east regional service, particularly as other existing national centres have been ‘green-lighted’ in recent weeks to receive increased capital allocations despite no formal review activity taking place!

The Street campaign has already been in Wexford, Kilkenny and New Ross town centres and is expected to visit Dungarvan and Waterford in coming weeks.


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