Saturday, 21st April 2018
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Bausch + Lomb Waterford is seeking applicants from among the children of its 1,500 employees for the third year of its scholarship programme, which provides

financial support and mentoring for the son or daughter of an employee who wishes to take up one of a range of courses in Waterford Institute of Technology.

At a review of the successful first two years of the scholarship, Bausch + Lomb training manager, Jackie Roche, said the programme was now well established and this year, the scholarship scope is to be widened to include other third level colleges as well as WIT.

Dylan McGuire, eldest son of Mary McGuire, who works in FILM Area 6 on the weekend shift and who has been an employee for the past 13 years, has completed two years of a degree course in business studies at the Institute.

“It has worked out very well for Dylan and I am proud of him,” says Mary. “I don’t think he realised how good it was going to be when he got it – while the financial support is very good, it is the work experience he has had and the support and mentoring of the people here which is the most valuable of all,” she adds.

Says Dylan: “Everything been very good so far; the work experience is very useful and will help me decide what I want to do when I graduate; so far, I’ve worked in training, human resources and in finance.”

In 2016, Eimear Costello, Butlerstown, Waterford, daughter of Michelle and Joe Costello, was the successful candidate. Eimear has now completed her first year of a degree course in mechanical and manufacturing engineering and has begun her first summer of undergraduate internship at the plant.

Her father, Joe, who has been 26 years with Bausch + Lomb and works in the FILM manufacturing area, describes the scholarship programme as ‘brilliant’.

“It is so hard for students to get work experience in what they are studying at college and this is the best part of the scholarship, it allows students to get hand-on experience in a real, live workplace.”

Eimear says that she has got a lot of support from the programme, particularly in securing equipment she needed for college, including a laptop computer.

At the outset of her three-month internship, Eimear says that she is looking forward to seeing exactly what it is that engineers do, day-today, in a healthcare manufacturing environment.

Jackie Roche says that ten courses were selected at the Institute’s three Schools of Business; Engineering and Science. The degree courses covered by the scholarship include business, accounting, finance and investment, international business, electronic engineering, mechanical and manufacturing engineering, sustainable energy engineering, physics for modern technology, pharmaceutical science and applied computing.

This year’s scholarship has been extended to include employees’ children who are planning to attend college elsewhere, in addition to WIT, added Jackie Roche.

Employees of Bausch + Lomb who wish to have a son or daughter considered for a scholarship should initially apply to Catherine Hartery - (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) - for details of the application process.

The Bausch + Lomb bursary is just one of a number of educational initiatives which links the company with schools in the city – projects are currently on-going with St Paul’s Community College and Waterpark College.

Mark Hennessy, Bausch+ Lomb site leader, said the programme has been a huge success so far: “During our 37 years in operation in Waterford, Bausch + Lomb has always believed that education and continuous professional development of all of employees who wanted to further their skill profile, was well worth investing in. Now we are looking to the future and building a close relationship with the brightest and best of the next generation.”


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