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Tuesday, 23rd April 2013

CrossFit is the sport of fitness and over the last 5 weeks over 120,000 people from over 6,000 Crossfit gyms all over the world have been competing in the CrossFit Games Open Competition to find the fittest man and woman on the planet. The first stage of this competition is The Open which is 5 workouts released over 5 weeks with the top performing 48 male and femal athletes from each continent going through to the next stage which i called the Regionals.

Amy Laffan from CrossFit Waterford finished the Open in 40th place in Europe ahead of 6,000 other female fitness enthusiasts. Amy is the first ever Irish female to qualify for Regionals so it's a massive achievement for both Amy and her coaching team at CrossFit Waterford.


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Tuesday, 23rd April 2013

John Smiles

Qualified Financial Advisor

What is hedging?

Hedging is considered an advanced investing strategy, but the principles are fairly simple. With the popularity of hedge funds, the practice of hedging is becoming more widespread but still not widely understood.

Most people have engaged in hedging. Taking out insurance to minimize the risk that injury will erase your income or to support your family in the case of your death is a hedge. You pay monthly sums for the coverage provided by an insurance company. Although the textbook definition of hedging is an investment taken out to limit the risk of another investment, insurance is an example of a real-world hedge.

Hedging, in the Wall Street sense of the word, is best illustrated by an example.

Suppose you want to invest in bungee cord manufacturing. A company called Plunge is transforming the materials and designs to

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Tuesday, 16th April 2013

The vintage van in its new Flahavans livery drew admiring glances as it brought back memories from an earlier era. Flahavan’s had filled the back of the van with their Quick Oat pots and they ran a special competition to guess the amount of pots that were inside. Visitors who were queuing to photograph the van and were kept entertained trying to guess the correct amount of pots. There were over 1,300 entries to the competition on the day with guesses ranging from the lowest of 163 up to a very high 5 million! The correct answer for the number of pots was 1,663 and the winning entry came from Laura Finnegan from Waterford City who had the closest guess of 1,666. She won a fantastic hamper of Flahavan’s oat products and

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Tuesday, 16th April 2013

Figures made public today reveal that 20 patients in Waterford Regional Hospital are occupying hospital beds, despite the fact that their acute care has ended and they are medically fit to be discharged.

Almost 90% of these are elderly patients over 65 for whom alternative arrangements have not been put in place.

The HSE’s own figures estimate the cost of a hospital stay per night at €800-€900 amounting to a conservative total cost of at least €16,000 each night the 20 patients remain in hospital, or the equivalent of over 750 hours of home care.

The latest HSE report published on April 1 also shows that there are 658 delayed discharges around the country with 54 patients waiting six months or more to be discharged. Using HSE’s own figures those waiting six months or more could amount to a cost of almost €8,000,000.


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Tuesday, 16th April 2013

Mayor’s Annual Health Day is being held on Wednesday, May 15th. Have a healthy breakfast or lunch, go for a walk with your friends, bring your children, parents and grandparents on an outing. As a business, school or community organisation organise an event for your staff and members.

This day is being organised by the Mayor of Waterford Cllr. Jim Darcy to promote healthy living and to encourage you to do something that will make you feel better in yourself. You can get involved on this day by doing whatever makes you feel better – that is what the day is about!

"With Waterford designated a healthy city by the World Health Organisation this Health Day can provide a useful reminder to all of us of the old adage that health is wealth. By taking simple steps around diet, lifestyle and exercise,

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Tuesday, 16th April 2013

Tramore Tourism delighted with Town Council backing for Inclusion Play Park and Adventure Park

Tramore Town Council supported unanimously for Tramore Tourism proposed development of 2 inclusion play parks for Tramore by the boating lake. Tramore Tourism Committee member Stephen Mullally made a passionate plea to the town council and told of the disadvantages people with special needs have in the area, he informed the meeting of how this would be unique to Tramore and that they would not be anything like this within a 100 km radius.

Both will be accessible to able bodied and disabled children. One park for kids up to 8 years of age and also an adventure play park/obstacle course for the older kids. Stephen and his fellow Committee members hope to bring the grasses and plants from the Sand dunes to the area so as the

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Tuesday, 16th April 2013

Iarnród Éireann to offer free trips for community, voluntary and charity groups in 2013

Iarnród Éireann Irish Rail has launched the 2013 programme for The Journey’s on Us, an initiative to support organisations and groups in the voluntary, community, sporting and charity sector.

"The Journey’s On Us", will provide up to 100 groups with a free group travel return journey for up to 50 people per group during 2013, meaning 5,000 free journeys are on offer across any of the company’s services. The travel facilities will be ideal in particular for organisations bringing a group to a special event, or as part of a specific support to the members of the group which requires travel.

The company has invited all community, voluntary, sporting and charity groups from across the country to apply for the 100 group travel trips available. Entry forms are available

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Tuesday, 16th April 2013

ESB is aware of the existence of privately operated Premium Phone Line operators who are using Google ads to mislead customers into using their phone numbers to call our Customer Contact Centre, resulting in high phone charges for customers who use these numbers. These are not legitimate ESB or Electric Ireland on-line ads.

We have contacted the company involved instructing them to remove all references to ESB and we have notified the Gardai, the National Consumer Agency, the Communications Regulator and Google. Customers who wish to contact ESB should go to our website or call our contact phone numbers:

Electric Ireland Customer Service

t: 1850 372 372 (8am - 8pm, Mon - Sat)

From abroad: +353 1 852 9534

ESB Networks Customer Service

t: 1850 372 757 (8am - 8pm, Mon - Sat)

From abroad: +353 21 494 7260

For emergencies, supply failure or damage

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Tuesday, 16th April 2013

A number of leading SPAR retailers from across the country including Waterford gathered at Killashee House in County Kildare recently for the brand’s annual 5 Star Awards ceremony, run by BWG Foods (owners and operators of the SPAR brand in Ireland) in association with the Excellence Ireland Quality Association (EIQA).

The Awards, now in their 13th year, are the highlight of the SPAR retailing calendar, recognising stores that excel across several areas of store performance. Five stores in Waterford received the prestigious 5 Star Award with three of these achieving special recognition for being 5 Star Award winners for five consecutive years – Breathanch’s SPAR Ballingoul, Cronnelly’s SPAR Ferrybank, and SPAR Manor Village.

The other stores in Waterford to receive an Award were Foley’s SPAR

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Tuesday, 16th April 2013

Waterford City Councillor John Hearne said he was asked to publicise a case he is dealing with. A 28 year old man who is wheelchair bound who lives in a house which is clearly seen to be adapted from the outside for wheelchair needs woke the other morning to the sound of breaking glass. Two masked men attacked his house and broke every single window in the house. To add to his distress his dog jumped out the window to chase the thugs and didn't come back for a good while and he thought his dog was taken.

Cllr Hearne said "we have gone to every government department and nobody will fix the windows. Last night was the 3rd night the man slept in fear not knowing why he was attacked or if they were coming back to attack him again.

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    Rush to CriticismThere are not many people who at this stage have not heard about the Cash family and what happened to them. The mother and six of her children had to seek accommodation in the Tallaght Garda Station last week as they had absolutely nowhere to turn to. It led to an outcry as pictures of the young children sleeping on seats were posted to social media by the mother.Understandably there were a lot of people who were saddened to see that in this day and age that a family had to resor …

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