Saturday, 22nd September 2018
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"It’s a fantastic occasion and it was great to see such a big crowd turn out on what was a miserable night. I hope that they’ve enjoyed it because it was end to end in the first half even when Rovers went down to ten men.

"They are a really good side and they have so many good players like Bolger, Burke and I could go on but I think people are starting to see that we have some really good players as well which is great to see. There are players playing with knocks, we are missing some key men but this is a really good group.

"It’s hard to play with ten men because we had to re-jig and Rovers were gambling a bit more then they would have with the eleven. I thought that it caused us problems and I felt that we could have been better in the second half of the game. I thought that we could have controlled the game a bit more to be honest.

"I think bar the corner kick early in the second half they didn’t really have any real chances. It was probably all in front of us that it was happening. Even though we were comfortable effort, I think that we could have been a lot better. I think that we could have held it up, got up the pitch and passed it a bit more. That’s what I’m looking at.

"I thought that Lawrence Vigouroux was outstanding again tonight. He made a couple of excellent saves in the first half as well as the save in the second half. You were up in Dundalk last week and he was the same. He is an excellent goalkeeper. He is enjoying his football and so is Courtney Duffus.

"For me as manager I think that the players need to enjoy their football.

They need to enjoy coming to work, to train and you might get the best out of them then. There is no point going the other way because you won’t get the best out of them.

"I’m delighted for Garry Comerford as well. He was distraught after the defeat in Dundalk last night but he picked up himself up tonight. He put in a brilliant tackle to deny Dan Carr a certain goal. He is a great character and to fill in centre back was brilliant. I wasn’t too sure about it but he was really good.

"It’s early days here. As much as we want the supporters and everyone to get excited, we need to be grounded and stay focussed. I know that people are probably sick of me saying that but it’s so early.

"But the one thing I will say is that you look at the fans there tonight.

They are driving us on and they were absolutely brilliant. I’m pinching myself coming off the pitch looking at them because we haven’t seen that in a long time. They were out selling tickets all week and it’s brilliant.

They really do deserve nights like this.

"They need to keep coming and hopefully more will jump on the bandwagon. mTonight is a great result for us but we need to park this now and move onto the next game. It’s going to be tough travelling to Limerick next week but we’ll focus on that after the UCC game (played last night)."


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