Thursday, 30th March 2017
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Our staff and pharmacists will all be able to offer you advice on the best products for you and your baby’s needs. Many of our pharmacists and staff are new parents themselves, so they can relate to any problems you may be experiencing.

In many of our stores we have medical grade baby weighing scales which can be used free of charge. These are located in our private consultation rooms and can allow you to accurately weigh your baby. If you’re unsure about the amount of milk you are giving your baby, particularly if you’re breast feeding, feel free to use our baby weighing scales before and after feeds. This allows you to calculate how much your baby has taken and can often put your mind at rest.

Please ask in store for details, and pick up one of our free baby weight record cards to allow you to track your babies progress.

When feeding your baby, not all babies are the same, and appetites vary from baby to baby, week to week and month to month. Let your baby be your guide as to how hungry they are and don’t make them finish feeds if they do not want them. They will let you know when they have had enough.

- Babies will feed when they want to and for as long as they want to, whether they are being breastfed or bottle-fed

- Feed your baby whenever they are hungry. Babies are very good at judging how much milk they need

- Your baby may demand frequent and irregular feeds (which is normal), day and night. Don’t worry about sticking to a rigid schedule, particularly in the early days

- In time you’ll learn to read your baby’s cries and to work out whether they’re hungry or just need attention

Our pharmacists and staff would be happy to advise you if your baby is suffering from Colic or Reflux, and can offer various options that may help to reduce the incidence of these common feeding problems. Babies often pick up coughs, colds, or have a temperature and again our staff can advise on the best way to treat these, or offer tips and tricks to help alleviate these common conditions.

At Sam McCauley Chemists our pharmacists and experienced staff are always available for help and advice. Sam McCauley Chemists the baby experts.


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