Tuesday, 25th April 2017
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The announcement that sixty new jobs are to be created in Waterford by mobile softwear company Red Hat based on the Cork Road brought a much needed morale boost to the area.

The €12.7m. project announcement was made jointly by Minister of State John Halligan and Minister for Jobs, Mary Mitchell O’Connor at the official opening of the company’s new offices located at Communication House. The jobs will be rolled out over a four year period and was described as a “great news story” and an excellent endorsement of the region as a prime location for other technology companies to invest in. Minister of State John Halligan emphasised the importance of Research and Development jobs and said Red Hat’s announcement was a really positive development for the South-East region. “We were badly affected by the crash here and lost many jobs, but there is significant changes in the country right now and we are beginning to push ahead. We have proven that we are capable and competent and have the ability to attract big IT projects which will bring well paid jobs to the region.”

Minister for Jobs Mary Mitchell O’Connor dressed in red jokingly referred to the number of staff wearing red hats and said it wasn’t often she was upstaged.

“Sixty new jobs in the South East is music to my ears,” she declared. “The south east region has been hurt very badly in the downturn but slowly and surely it’s coming back. This investment of €12.7m. shows the confidence Red Hat has in its Waterford staff and also in its ability to source highly skilled workers.”

Dr. Michéal O’Foghlu said the opening of the new office and the investment through IDA Ireland, was the result of significant work by all the staff in Waterford, many of whom were working on challenging new mobile technologies.

Red Hat’s Waterford office was established in 2014 following the acquisition of the cloud-based mobile softwear company FeedHenry.

It currently serves as the company’s global hub for research and development into mobile application development technology. In addition to Waterford Red H at has two other offices in Cork and Dublin.

The Mayor of Waterford, Collr. Adam Wyse also welcomed the development as did Deputy David Cullinane, Sinn Fein who described it as a vote of confidence in the research and development agencies at the Waterford Institute of Technology.


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