Tuesday, 25th April 2017
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Constitutional & Genetic Weakness

Constitutional & Genetic Weakness is the twelfth and final article in a series about more unusual causes of imbalance in the body. I hope you’ve enjoyed them all.

Have you ever wondered why some people can smoke for years and never get lung cancer, whilst other people can get it from secondary smoking? Or why is it that certain conditions like asthma or eczema seem to run in families? Or that some work colleagues seem to pick up every flu bug going, whereas other lucky ones never seem to get the sniffles! And why, on our honeymoon in India, did I suffer from several tummy bugs, whilst my husband sailed through without a problem?!

The answer to these questions often lies in constitutional or genetic weaknesses. Your constitution reflects your genetic make-up. It is the sum of your inborn physical and emotional characteristics – the general condition and character of your body.

To help me identify imbalances in people’s bodies, I use a combination of muscle-testing and iridology. With iridology, I look into the irises, and using a lens and torch, I can gather information on people’s constitutional strengths and weaknesses. One look at the eye reveals what type of constitution you have: perhaps you have a tendency towards a nervous disposition, or are more susceptible to rheumatic or arthritic conditions, or are prone to allergies.

Our individual genetic dispositions and hereditary tendencies are directly related to the strengths and weaknesses we are born with, and determine the type of conditions to which we are more prone. Some people have weak or sensitive digestive systems, some are born with strong lung tissue, some have weak livers, and some have strong kidneys: to some extent it is a lottery!

We all have inherent strengths and weaknesses that we carry through life, although this is not to say that we will necessarily suffer from certain ailments: just an increased likelihood.

Our lifestyle habits, our environment and our stress levels all affect our health and well-being. For instance emotional stress affects each and every one of us, but in different ways: in one person it might lead to stomach ulcers, for another a migraine, and for someone else a skin complaint.

Through knowledge of an individual’s constitution, we can thus discover not only those types of symptoms to which he or she might be susceptible, but also the causes of the symptoms – for example if the constitution indicates that the person is susceptible to hyperacidity and related conditions (like stomach ulcers, rheumatism, arthritis and minor skin complaints), then he or she should avoid, or keep to an absolute minimum, the high acid-forming foods such as white bread, red meat, citrus fruits, wheat products, coffee, tea, alcohol etc. Acid forming foods like these will only serve to irritate the underlying tendency.

The human body is an incredible creation, very strong and resilient. Symptoms only follow if after a period of time, we cause them through our constitutional type, our lifestyle, diet, psychological stress, lack of proper exercise, environmental toxins, climate etc. If we choose to pursue a manner of lifestyle that puts stress on our inherent weaknesses, sooner or later symptoms will manifest themselves. Unless we take remedial measures to deal with the root causes of the conditions, then clinical “disease” may set in.


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