Tuesday, 25th April 2017
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Systematic Kinesiology is a fully integrated natural health care system which combines the knowledge of chinese acupuncture theory of chi (energy that unites body and mind), modern chiropractic, nutrition and psychology.

Kinesiology is the study of how muscles act and coordinate in the body. It's based on the science of energy balancing and combines a range of gentle but powerful techniques. Systematic Kinesiology looks at the health of the body as a whole, addressing not only what's going on with the physical body, but also the environment and the psychological state of each individual. Each muscle group is related to other body, parts essentially connected on the circuits of certain organs. The technique of muscle monitoring/testing, or biofeedback is used to investigate what may be causing imbalances in the body.

The technique is used to treat a variety of disorders from pain issues to allergies, stress, fatigue and emotional problems.

"I have suffered with psoriasis for the last six years and had huge digestive problems. I constantly felt unwell, the injections I was getting were no longer working and I began to suffer with depression. Lorraine discovered that I had a build up of toxic metals in my body and was gluten intolerant. My liver was no longer able to detox properly. After three treatments I am delighted to say that I am completely free from psoriasis!!! My mood and energy levels have not been this good for years!! My whole life has changed for the better!!" Michelle

"I had been suffering with neck and shoulder pain for years. I had attended physio and pain management and only experienced short term pain relief. Lorraine discovered that my muscles were no longer working properly. Lorraine found which muscles were not firing as they should and worked using brain integration and muscle testing to re-establish brain/body connection. I am now completely pain free! I cannot praise Kinesiology enough!!"- Thomas

The results clients have experienced have been truly life changing! When a client becomes pain free or their energy returns to optimum levels it has an amazing effect on their family and friends. No one likes to see a loved one suffer and that is why I love what I do!

How kinesiology started

In the 1960s an American chiropractor developed a system of evaluating body functions by testing specific muscles. He discovered that each muscle was related to an energy circuit and each circuit was connected to an organ. Kinesiology aims to restore balance to four key areas of health - structure (muscular-skeletal), mental/emotional (psyche), biochemical (nutrition)and the meridian system (flow of energy throughout the body).

How kinesiology works

Kinesiology taps into the bio feedback system that can be read through muscle responses. When the body is under stress, caused by factors such as trauma or nutritional deficiencies, it will block energy flow within the body. When this occurs the muscles reflect the stress in the central nervous system and causing specific muscle patterns. Kinesiologists use a process of gentle muscle monitoring to gain an insight into these muscle patterns and are able to assess how the body is functioning and can locate body imbalances. The process indicates whether stress is directly related to the muscle or is linked to a particular organ/gland or energy pathway.

Because kinesiology reveals the body's overall state of structural, chemical, energetic and emotional balance, it's able to treat a wide range of health issues. These may include stress, allergies and food sensitivities, nervous disorders, muscle, bone and joint pain, headaches, hormonal imbalances, fatigue, insomnia, and emotional issues and learning difficulties.

What does a kinesiology session involve?

During a kinesiology session you'll be asked to provide detailed information about your medical history and why you're at the session.

The remainder of the session you'll be asked to lie, fully clothed, on a massage table. Sessions usually last for about an hour and involve different challenges depending on the problem. During a muscle challenge, your practitioner tests neuromuscular integrity by asking you to raise your arm or leg and to hold that position while pressure is exerted against the limb.

Chemical challenges involve checking your reaction to certain allergens or foods when placed on the skin. When you undergo a mental challenge you'll be asked to focus your thoughts on a certain topic while muscles tests are carried out. Treatment is designed to clear blockages by stimulating your innate healing capacity in order to help the body resume normal function.

Various methods may be employed including muscle balancing, tapping, emotional release, lymph massage, oils, crystals, nutritional support (vitamins and minerals), acupuncture, nutritional advice or affirmations. Here at Kinesiologyzone we believe that everyone should have access to a fully integrated health care solution, and are delighted to offer health talks, workshops and courses in locations throughout the country. Free talks and taster events led by lorraine will be fun and informative. You'll not only meet likeminded people, you'll experience muscle testing and balancing.

Balanced Health Programme

Systematic Kinesiology is the fastest growing natural health care system. It is a client centred holistic approach to health and fulfillment. I am delighted to be running the balanced health course programme here in Waterford on the 11th and 12th of March. This amazing therapy is ideal for complete beginners considering a holistic health career, as well as qualified health care practitioners looking to expand their skills.

Our 3-month part-time programme is a blend of live workshops, online training and virtual masterclasses. Includes nutrition, emotional stress, and physical well being. You will walk away with life changing skills and experience how kinesiology can improve your mind, body and soul.

Lorraine is a practitioner of Systematic Kinesiology for the past four years. Lorraine completed her Diploma with TASK Ireland and has since progessed to becoming a course leader of the KinesiologyZone 'Balanced Health' course. Lorraine has a wide variety of skills including Yoga Teaching, Reiki Practitioner and has attended courses on holistic health across the globe. Please contact Lorraine Elliott on 0864033015 for an appointment and for more information about upcoming courses.

Yoga classes on Wednesdays in Passage East at 6.20pm and Edmund Rice Centre at 8.15pm.


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