Wednesday, 19th September 2018
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Make Over Day in Clonmel courtesy of

The Clonmel Retail Forum

The Clonmel Retail Forum has been running a make over competition worthy of Miss Ireland via their facebook page and website for the past month and it all came to fruition this week in Clonmel. The winner, Claire Egan, was pampered all day culminating in a dramatic transformation.

The day begun with a shopping trip like no other, Claire was taken through the style shops of Clonmel with none other than Margaret Doyle, style consultant to Miss Ireland Aoife Walsh. If you came across the pair that day, you might have over heard some wonderful style tips similar to Gok Wan. Margaret and Claire selected styles to compliment her height, shape and autumn/summer colouring from The Wardrobe, Ryan Design, Pavoni, Clintons, Moroney’s shoes and Sienna.

Claire then took a well earned shopping break and was treated to a Shiseido facial and a bag full of goodies at Mulligan’s Pharmacy in Clonmel. Monie, the Consultant at Mulligans explained what was involved in Claire’s facial "Shiseido is a well known Japanese brand that is dermatologist tested. Claire received a facial that gave the consultant a deepest understanding of Claire’s skin and enabled the consultant to recommend and use products to suit Claire's needs. Claire's skin looked and felt revitalised after."

The atmosphere of relaxation was carried on as Claire had a complimentary lunch at Mulcahy’s Hotel. The staff and management at Mulcahy’s made her feel like a million dollars with their attentive service and attention to detail. They even reserved a beautiful table by the window for her, making her feel like a celebrity for the day!

The second part of the make over day consisted of hair styling at Cathy O’Reilly’s salon and make up with Laura Kay. The expert’s at Cathy O’Reilly’s toned Claire’s hair with rich warm browns to give her blond locks a more natural look. Her beautiful long hair was then curled for the photo shoot.

The rain managed to hold off while Claire and her newly acquired entourage made their way to Laura Kay for make up. Laura has worked with TV3 and Woman’s Way magazine as well as hundreds of blushing brides throughout the country.

Laura Kay outlined what she did to transform Claire’s look "Claire has great skin so doesn't need much coverage, but would have like most Irish people, rosy cheeks so instead of layering on foundation I just added a little liquid concealer to her cheeks. This way you don't get a panicked makeup look. And to combat the rosy cheeks, instead of using a pink blush I would recommend using peach blush so that when you get a natural flush if colour the combination with the peach is a more natural warmer tone."

After her day of pampering and styling, Claire was delighted to pose for photographs with Clonmel Photo Centre. The owner, Dave Messinger, was however outnumbered with all the ladies of the style team looking on! Dave’s attention to detail and professionalism was second to none and allowed the team to take over the upstairs studio for the day.

Claire was delighted with the result commenting "Everyone needs a make over at least once. I felt great about myself and learned so much throughout the day. Thank you to the Clonmel Retail Forum and everyone else involved in the day. I will be sure to spread the word about to everyone I know and enter all the competitions! I am still on an adrenalin high and showing the photos and outfits to anyone who will listen."

The Clonmel Retail Forum ran the make over competition as part of their initiative to promote Clonmel as a retail centre. The competition served to showcase the offerings of the many unique and quality boutiques in the town. Thank you to all the shops and consultants who were involved in the project and we are looking forward to next years’ make over already.


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