Thursday, 20th September 2018
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Maxi Zoo is offering some sage advice to help Waterford pet owners to protect and keep their pets safe in the summer sun with day time temperatures set to soar to their highest average levels throughout July.

"July is the warmest month of the year in Ireland and pet owners need to be aware of what they can do to help their pet to stay cool, how to identify signs of heat-stroke and what action to take if necessary to save their pet," said Emma Fanning, Brand Ambassador at Maxi Zoo Ireland.

Maxi Zoo is advising pet owners to leave pet water bowls outside, to provide their pet with shaded areas or wet towels to lay upon, to avoid tethering their pet outside if they need to leave home for a short period during the day and to keep their pets out of conservatories and glassed areas if they are staying indoors.

"Walks are best taken during the early morning and late evening hours when temperatures are much cooler. Pavements become hot during summer and can burn your pet's paws so it makes sense to find alternative dirt trails and grassy areas, to carry water and to schedule breaks so your pet can hydrate," said Emma.

"The symptoms of heat stroke in pets that owners should look out for include hyperventilation, excessive panting, pale and dry gums, increased salivation or digestive problems, vomiting or diarrhoea."

Pets owners whose pets experience any of these symptoms should seek proper medical care and help. They should also avoid using ice packs or cold water and instead use a towel which has been soaked in cool water to help bring their pet's body temperature down. A spray bottle can also be used to keep their pet cool on the way to the vet.

"Unnecessarily long car journeys should be avoided and dogs should never be left in cars alone. Temperatures in the car can be vastly different to the outside and can increase by 7 degrees Celsius in just 10 minutes, by 16 degrees Celsius after 30 minutes and by 26 degree Celsius after 60 minutes," said Emma.

Maxi Zoo's pet experts are available at all times to talk to pet owners seeking more information.


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