Saturday, 22nd September 2018
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With Breda Gardner Homeopath, lcph, mcos, rgn

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With Breda Gardner Homeopath, lcph, mcos, rgn

The Science of the Mind

Last week I wrote about the connection between your mind and your physical health. This week I thought I would say a little more about exactly how that system works:

Neuropeptides are chemical messengers that carry information from the mind to the body and back again through the body fluids. Each cell in the body is covered with thousands of receptor cells. Each cell has a specific pattern that locks into specific neuropeptides. Once in position, the neuropeptides transmit information through the receptor cell into the cell itself, influencing the behaviour of that cell. For example, one of the neuropeptides is endorphin, which is responsible for that blissful feeling that every athlete gets, known as "runner's high." As endorphin receptor cells are found everywhere, the blissful state is experienced both in the brain and throughout the physical body.

Neuroscientists have known for years that the limbic system is the emotional centre of the brain. The limbic system controls the hypothalamus, a small gland that transforms emotions into physical responses. The hypothalamus also controls appetite, blood sugar levels, body temperature, and the automatic functioning of the heart, lungs, digestive and circulatory systems.

In the limbic system lies the amygdale, a brain structure that is connected to fear and pleasure, and the pineal gland which monitors the hormone system and releases powerful endorphins that act as painkillers and anti-depressants. This indicates the intimate relationship between the mind, the endocrine system and the nervous systems – the connection between how you feel and how you behave, and the connection between your emotions and your physical state.

Clusters of neuropeptides are found throughout the limbic system, the heart and the sexual organs. They are also found in the gut and stomach area, which accounts for those moments when you get a "gut feeling" about something! Neuropeptides provide the link between perception, feelings and thought on the one hand ... and between the brain, hormonal secretions and every cell of the body, including those of the immune system. This creates a whole body communication system. In other words, each part or system of your body is listening and responding to your mental chatter, your every thought, feeling and emotion. Wherever a thought goes, a chemical goes with it. Now there's a thought worth thinking about!

Remember that every part of your body is connected to an emotion via your thoughts. So be sure to say "Yes!" to life and do everything possible to be kind and loving to yourself in your thoughts.


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