Saturday, 22nd September 2018
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Wednesday 11th April - Tuesday 17th April

Aries 21st March-21st April

This time of year is special for Aries. It’s your "solar return" and it means you get to press the reset button on any area of your life you’re less than content with. The advice is to wait until after Mercury finishes it’s retrograde and turns direct again on the 15th of the month. Once that date has passed, feel free to turn over a new leaf. Before that date, use your time to examine where in your life this will best achieve the success you want.

Taurus 22nd April-21st May

Unlike our Aries friends, you are pre-solar return and your energies are quite different, especially as we wait for Mercury to turn direct again. This is a time for preparation rather than action. Get all the rest you can, when Mercury turns direct and Mars hits it’s stride, you’re in for quite the ride - travel, adventure and mind/life expanding experiences are all heading your way. So revel in this restful period while it lasts.

Gemini 22nd May-21st June

You could be sending out mixed messages this week Gemini. You may not even know your own mind. Your sign is known for it’s dual nature, but with Mercury retrograde until the 15th, Aries urging you to be more outgoing, and Capricorn influencing your need for solitude those closest to you could be feeling quite confused. Best to leave any important meetings, correspondences or messages until after the 15th, and read everything twice.

Cancer 22nd June-22nd July

It looks like there could be a cross-over coming between a relationship and your career. Whether that means you start a romantic relationship with a work colleague, or that your special someone becomes employed in your place of work, or involved in your career or business is unclear. Either way, the new moon in Aries landing in your career zone looks set to bring fresh new opportunities, so maybe this overlap is a good thing.

Leo 23rd July-23rd August

After Mercury turns direct on the 15th of the month, all your big ideas can be put into action. The key here will be to get the

balance right between full throttle action and rest and digest. Capricorn is willing you to get down to the nitty-gritty when it comes the health aspects of your life. You will need to be at your best, so there really is no place for overindulging in unhealthy habits or not getting enough sleep. No cutting corners. Get to it.

Virgo 24th August-23rd September

On April 15th, Mercury will turn direct and the year’s only new moon in Aries will take place, setting off a fresh new chapter for Virgos in particular. Romantic and financial connections are well starred now. Deciding to cohabit, 'put a ring on it’, or (pro)create (in some way), even emigrate, anything where two parties come together and decide on milestone events are likely now. Long term projects and matters of permanence are key.

Libra 24th September-23rd October

You may feel like you’re being pulled in every direction at once at the moment Libra. If you’re feeling particularly drained and lacking energy, lean on your nearest and dearest, they’ll be happy to support you. But you must ask for help outright and not expect them to step in uninvited. With Mercury retrograde until the 15th, keep your temper in check when communicating, you may come across harsher than you mean to.

Scorpio 24th October-22nd November

It could feel a bit 'one step forward, two steps back’ this week Scorpio. You could be caught between holding on and letting go in a certain area. You’re keen to crack on with some big plans but until the 15th when Mercury turns direct there may be spanners in the works. Watch your stress levels and also your immune system, lest you find when things are more conducive to forward motion, you find yourself under par.

Sagittarius 23rd November-21st December

It could be the case this week, that you can resist anything but temptation. Whatever your vices, whims or inclinations, you’ll be hard pressed to steer clear of what you fancy. And of course a little indulgence here and there is no harm, but be careful you don’t fall completely off the wagon and find yourself bingeing mindlessly or spending more than is reasonable on entertainment, too much of a good thing is rarely very good at all.

Capricorn 22nd December-20th January

There are dual energies at play about you this week Capricorn, as you flirt with the idea of jumping in head first one minute, and completely turning your back on something the next. Your physical energy too may peak and then wane at an alarming rate. It’s hard to know where you are or what you really want at all. The advice therefore is to take it easy, and find the middle ground in everything where you can.

Aquarius 21st January-19th February

Your diary could be bursting at the seams and you’re keen to reach on every commitment in there. But are you making sure you’re conserving energy where you can to be physically able for it all? Try to strike a balance, prioritise where possible and avoid the dreaded burn out. With Mercury retrograde until the 15th, if you’re running on empty you’re likely to over-react when tensions flare with those nearest and dearest to you.

Pisces 20th February-20th March

You could find yourself balancing on a tight rope this week Pisces. You can see very clearly your intended destination, but also the obstacles either side that could result in a rapid descent. You will need to be laser focussed and to keep a cool head to be able to proceed on your path. Luckily for you, the planet are supporting you to stay centred and on course, regardless of what’s happening around you.


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