Saturday, 22nd September 2018
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It’s a miserable life(!)

Let’s face it, we all have plenty to be miserable about at the moment. It’s been a thoroughly rotten winter, and even though spring has arrived, the weather hasn’t improved much. Across the whole of Ireland, it’s just more of what we’ve had for the past six months – rain and more rain, floods, snow, cold and freezing temperatures, and virtually no sunshine.

Then there’s our national politicians. They recently received a €5,000 a year pay rise, but they still preside over a system of government that’s bust. Shamefully, we still have an ongoing crisis in our health service, with trolleys in most hospital A&E departments. We still lack proper 24x7 cardiac care in the South East. The top management in our Gardai seem to be a law unto themselves. We have a banking system that is apparently full of crooks who get away with their crimes. We have a looming economic and political crisis over Brexit. We have farmers who are facing a fodder crisis because of the bad weather. And we have a government that is unable or unwilling to do anything meaningful about these matters.

Finally, think about the economy. There might be a boom in Dublin, but there’s precious little sign of any recovery in our region. There are very few jobs going, many of the ones on offer are on minimum wage with zero hour contracts and little security, and every week we hear of more companies and shops that are closing down. Yes, we certainly have plenty to be miserable about.

But tell me this. Did you notice the beautiful roadside daffodils that have finally begun to sprout? And the wild primroses and crocuses? Did you notice the slight rise in temperatures, see the blue skies and feel the heat from the bright sunshine that finally made an all too brief appearance this week?

I was speaking to a friend this week, and he said – rightly – that we sometimes forget how lucky we are, and spend too much time focussing on what is wrong in our lives rather than what is right. Yes, we might be surviving rather than thriving, yes we might not be able to take the foreign holidays we used to take, yes, we can’t afford a new car, yes we don’t go out for meals like we used to, but relatively speaking, we still have enough to sustain ourselves: a roof over our heads, food on the table, education for our kids and so on.

Another friend of mine was speaking to one of the Syrian refugees who recently came to Ireland. "What does Ireland have to offer you and your family?" he asked, "beyond miserable weather, an inept government and low paid jobs." The Syrian’s response was simple. "Peace and democracy," he said. "I am so lucky. I can walk along the street without being bombed or shot at, my children receive an education, and I can express my political views without being arrested." How right that Syrian man was. Next time you think about how miserable your life is, maybe you should be like him and realise how lucky we really are.


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