Saturday, 22nd September 2018
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Investigate all avenues

When I was doing my training as a homeopath and kinesiologist in London some 25 years ago, I had the great good fortune of securing a work placement with Roger Dyson. As well as being a natural born healer, Roger is also a natural born teacher. I benefitted enormously from the time he generously gave to me, and will always be grateful for the kindness, patience and knowledge that he shared so freely.

I recall him telling me the story of a man who came to see him with a prostate problem. The man was a high flying executive with excellent health insurance, and he had been to see virtually every expert consultant in London’s Harley Street but not one of them could help him. After a fruitless two years or so, he received more bad news: the health insurance company told him that he had reached his threshold, and that they would not fund any more consultations.

In desperation, and as a last resort, he came to see Roger. Using kinesiology, Roger diagnosed an allergy to metal. He also asked the man when the problem had begun. The man had to think about that, but eventually replied "Some time after my 40th birthday.” Upon further investigation (Roger is like a detective in an Agatha Christie novel!), he discovered that the man had been given an expensive watch as a present for his landmark birthday. Putting two and two together, Roger asked the man to remove his watch, and discovered that it was the timepiece that was causing the problem. Roger prescribed some homeopathic remedies and advised the man not to wear the watch at all. The man was a little sceptical, but did as he was told. A few weeks later, he jubilantly called Roger to advise him that his prostate problem had completely cleared up.

I was reminded of this story last month when a lady came to see me with a rash. Again, she had been to see her GP, but he had been unable to help her. When she called me for an appointment, she told me that she had gone on holiday for a fortnight and that by the end of the second week, the rash had disappeared. Putting on my detective hat like Roger, I asked her to bring in her washing powder when she came for her appointment. And sure enough, kinesiology revealed that she was allergic to her brand of washing powder. It turned out that the hotel had done her laundry when she was on holiday, and I suspect that that was why her rash had disappeared, as they obviously used a different product. I advised her to try a different brand of washing powder, and was delighted when she called me last week to say her rash had disappeared.

As these two stories illustrate, often the causes of illness and imbalance in the body are not obvious. In my experience, it always pays to investigate all avenues, because sometimes the less apparent answer is the correct answer!


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