Thursday, 20th September 2018
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Root & Revive One Day Yoga Retreat at House of Yoga Waterford

Take some me time to regulate your whole system, mind, body, heart and system as we move from winter into springtime. This day long retreat will focus firstly on rooting ourselves, by making space for all parts of ourselves to settle down and reconnect. Slowly and steadily we revive the body and mind through a 90 minute asana practice with music.

Yoga is about opening the heart. It is about treating ourselves well. It is about balance. A one day retreat can help with all three of these leaving you feeling replenished in body, mind, and soul. Taking time for yourself like this is not self centred, its about becoming more centred.

Taking time to connect means you can pause and receive insight and information you need to restore and deepen the connection to yourself and your life.

The day includes meditation, breath work, time contemplation, a strong vigorous asana practice, guided meditation, a restorative asana practice, and an opportunity for discussion. A delicious vegetarian lunch and a restorative & meditative yoga practice are also part of this day long retreat. This one-day retreat will both revive and restore you.

With the extra day after this this Bank Holiday weekend, why not devote it to your own self care and connection € A perfect gift for Mothers Day!

The day will include:

Meditation & Yoga Nidra

90 minute Asana Practice - Starting slow and steady, gradually building into a joyful, rhythmic expression based House of Yoga practice.

Delicious Lunch

Guided Meditation & Visualisation

Restorative Yoga

This one day retreat takes place on Monday 19th March from 11am - 5pm. The cost is 75 euro on the day (65 if booked & paid for by 11th March).

Contact House of Yoga on 085-8181386 or visit for further information.


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