Friday, 20th July 2018
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A new course of yoga for men, beginner’s level, begins at Anjali Yoga Waterford on Wednesday March 7th at 5.45pm.

With yoga being a predominantly female pursuit in the western world, this course is aimed at facilitating men who would like to enjoy the benefits of yoga in a class designed to meet their specific needs.

This course will focus on improving flexibility and range of motion, easing tension and tightness and will use far- infra-red heat to aid in superior stretching as well as strength building for the whole body.

Working in particular with core and intrinsic stabilising muscles of the body as well as the mobiliser muscles of the peripheral body, the course aims to bring the body into balance through mindful movement. We will also look to ease tightness from the fascia of the body from the soles of the feet to the crown of the head, and work into the hip and shoulder girdles.

Because of the non-competitive nature of yoga you will discover how to focus on the experience of yoga concentrate on having more of a work-in than a work out.

Benefits of yoga include: improved respiration; improved digestion; improved brain function; improved concentration; improved relaxation; improved strength and flexibility; improved muscle tone; improved body awareness.

For further information or to book your space contact 087 2225689 or visit


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