Thursday, 20th September 2018
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A Novel Approach to improving Physical & Emotional Wellbeing

The Waterford Women’s Support Network Conference which took place recently at the Edmund Rice International Heritage Centre, Barrack Street, titled: A Novel Approach to improving Physical & Emotional Wellbeing. The ladies were thrilled to have three excellent guest speakers: Dr Ryan Foley PT, DPT Evolve Physiotherapy & Wellness, Registered Dietician Aoife Hearne of Operation Transformation and Michael Kelly from GIY Ireland (Grow it yourself), sharing their knowledge.

Ryan spoke about his integrated treatment model and educational system used to help improve physical and emotional wellness, but also to empower people to learn more about their bodies so they can adapt to their environment. He uses advanced methods including applied functional neurology, neural activation therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, Integrated cranial therapy, and other movement based practices to elicit safety in the body and allow it to self-organise.

Ryan gave the audience an insight into his new Kinetic Flow class-based system, formerly known as Evolve Stretch. Kinetic Flow is an integrated movement class that combines applied neuroscience to develop stronger, more pain-free bodies. Ryan has created this class to help more clients benefit from the techniques he utilizes in clinic, along with specialized movement to develop full body control.

Registered Dietician Aoife Hearne of Operation Transformation fame gave an excellent and informative presentation explaining Longevity – what really make us live longer? And Weight loss – what is the right approach?

Aoife explained what are FODMAPS and how it can dramatically reduce the symptoms of IBS and can help prevent and reverse Type 2 Diabetes symptoms.

Aoife is based in Viewmount House, Viewmount, Waterford and offers a comprehensive professional service to people with all conditions such as: Diverticular disease, Peptic Ulcer disease, Crohn’s disease, Nutrition during pregnancy, healthy eating for children, PCOS, Weight Management, Weight gain, Diabetes, Irritable Bowel Disease, Coeliac disease, Sports nutrition, nutrition before, during and after cancer treatment and increase cholesterol.

Michael Kelly from GIY Ireland (Grow it yourself), Williamstown Centre, Ardkeen, Waterford gave an inspirational speech on the Grow movement, how it was developed and has become an incredibly successful website with a growing world-wide audience. He outlined the Classes & Activities available at GIY located opposite University Hospital Waterford and their highly successful Café that sells all fresh produce grown and picked daily at GIY. Michael focused on the importance of food education with the younger generation, promoting and encouraging children to participate growing their own vegetables, be it lettuce, chilli peppers or tomatoes initially which opens the mind to healthy eating habits with home grown produce they can be proud of, and grow into adulthood with a good knowledge regarding healthy eating.

This night was kindly sponsored by John Halligan, Minister of State for Training and Skills who supports the Waterford Women’s Support Network, its Conferences, Information meetings and training programmes. John expresses a keen interest in promoting positive mental and physical health and encourages promotion of healthy eating to maintain wellbeing. The Waterford Women's Network would like to acknowledge Minister Halligan's interest and support with their ventures in Waterford City & County and South Kilkenny providing information and free events to the community.

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