Sunday, 23rd September 2018
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Milking it!

I had a most interesting case in my clinic recently and thought I would share the story with you. Obviously I have changed some of the details to preserve the client’s security, but the overall message stays the same!

A 14 year old student presented himself suffering from stomach pains and diarrhoea. He had missed school on a number of occasions due to feeling so unwell.

One of the first things I test for in my clinics is for allergies / intolerance to wheat and dairy, and sure enough he came up as being allergic to milk. It just so happened that he absolutely adored milk, and would drink a good few glasses every day. Further muscle testing revealed that as well as being allergic to cow’s milk, he also had an intolerance for cheese. Neither he nor his Mum could believe it, as he had loved milk and cheese all his life.

One of the homeopathic remedies that came up for him was Silicea. This remedy is often indicated where the body has a problem with absorption, and in his case it proved to be for lactose. As well as prescribing Silicea, I advised him to stay off dairy products like cheese, and to use alternatives to cow’s milk, like goat’s / almond / soya milk.

I received a call from his Mum a couple of weeks ago saying that she had had the best Christmas present ever – her son had stayed fit and healthy by avoiding dairy products and by switching to goat’s milk. But she also said that he had had a relapse. He went out with a few friends and had a hot chocolate made from cow’s milk. All the old symptoms returned with a vengeance. His mum said that he was so sensitive to the cow’s milk that he was laid up in bed for two days. But on the plus side, it reinforced to him that dairy was a no-no in relation to his diet and well-being. He has been in the best of health – and dairy-free – ever since!

The moral of the story is this:

(1) sometimes the maintaining cause of illness is something quite simple

(2) learn to listen to the symptoms in your body (often if you crave something you may be allergic to it), and

(3) sometimes a change in diet is all that’s needed.


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