Friday, 19th January 2018
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Ayurveda is the sister science of Yoga in India and integral to a balanced Yogic Lifestyle. Kyle Roberts returns to House of Yoga Waterford for a weekend of exploring Ayurveda through talks, practices and cooking.

Throughout history the format for discovering the beauty of Ayurveda is through self study and oral discourse. Kyle travels all over the world to maintain the traditional vedic method of study, which is through lectures, demonstrations and classes. Kyle shares practical and coherent morsels of knowledge that are intended to immediately be used in daily life. The various courses Kyle teaches are intended for all levels and are meant to progress one's personal journey and be relevant to a modern life. House of Yoga have worked with Kyle to create three sessions to apply the practical application of Ayurveda into our daily life.

A (free) talk and information session to find out how to discover our dosha (unique Ayurvedic signature) on Friday night from 7-9pm, a practical Saturday workshop on discovering and practising yoga asanas which best support our dosha from 2-5pm, and a cooking demonstration and talk on spices/supporting foods for each dosha on Sunday from 2-5pm! On Sunday evening we will retire to Phil Grimes Pub for a talk and discussion on Moderation and Medication, all welcome.

Cost of the Workshops are €35 for Saturday €35 for Sunday.

Costs for consultation €60 (/normally €75)

Kyle will be here the week after workshops and will also have some slots over the weekend for personal consultations!

Recommendations from consultations generally include customized meditations and breathing techniques, specialized diet, or herbal regimen. Each session in an hour in length.

Contact House of Yoga Waterford for more information or Tel: 051 582838.


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