Sunday, 17th December 2017
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Since they have opened their Lennox Hearing Clinic at the Waterford Medical Centre, Lennox Hearing have been delighted at the public response.

This experienced and very family orientated Hearing Clinic have been practising audiology for the past 30 years and have been running as a family practice under the guidance of Francis and Mary Lennox. They have audiology practices in Cork City, Tralee and Mallow, and now have expanded their practice to Waterford.

This family owned enterprise have won many business awards and are delighted to be operating from the Waterford Medical Centre whose practice is run by Dr. Sean McBrinn and Dr. Sharon O’Donnell, husband and wife whose ethos fits in perfectly with the Lennox Hearing Aid Clinic with emphasis on family and health care.

The Lennox Hearing Aid practice pride themselves on the personal individual care and attention they give their clients who they treat as one of their own family. Francis Lennox believes there is an increasing awareness hearing loss by the public and believe that from the age of 50 an audiology test should form part of an annual medical examination.

He stresses that with modern technology the sooner hearing loss is diagnosed the better. The fitting of hearing aids are now totally invisible and discreet. He also points out that apart from the hearing aids they also provide a counselling service as a back-up to clients who require it.

This personal family touch and individual attention is the touchstone that the Lennox Hearing Clinic brings to their new clinic in Waterford. Judging by the public response to their new clinic their personal touch is ensuring the success of their new practice in Waterford.


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