Tuesday, 17th July 2018
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Understanding emotions

Emotions are energies similar to thought forms, with one important difference: we experience emotions through our body, whereas we experience thoughts through our mind.

Thoughts can create emotions which are then experienced by the body. If you think of someone you loved who died, it can make you feel sad in your heart or lungs. I have known of cases where this has led to people developing a chest infection or even pneumonia, with a viral infection that no amount of antibiotics can cure. In such cases, talking about the loss can be very helpful, as indeed are homeopathic medicines.

Although you may not be aware of it, most people can also read emotional energies without needing to feel them:

“He held out his arms to hug me, but I knew he didn’t mean it.”

“She walked through the door with a smile on her face, but I could immediately sense she was angry.”

“There was a tangible sadness in the room. I could feel it.”

As well as creating emotions ourselves, we can also pick them up from outside and experience them as our own. Imagine the surge that comes when your team scores a goal! Or suppose that you are a very sensitive soul who lives with a negative partner who is always complaining. You may take in some of their negative energy and start to feel down or depressed in their company.

In some respects, emotions are electricity – they have a charge which can be useful or unhelpful depending on the situation. And just like thought forms, emotional energies vibrate at different speeds. Joy is a high and fast emotion, grief is a low and slow one. If you feel light and bright in your step and are looking forward to your day, you are experiencing high vibrational emotional energy. But if you’re feeling down, depressed or heavy, you’re experiencing emotional energy at a much lower vibration. High vibrational energies tend to dissolve lower ones, so when you are around someone who is laughing, you may feel uplifted and start laughing too. In general, we prefer to feel light and fast.

If you live with someone who is negative, don’t try and change them: try and change yourself first. Here’s some advice on that score:

Detox your mind regularly. When you think negative thoughts, simply say: “Cancel: Clear: Delete!”

Protect yourself. Visualise yourself putting on a protective cloak of many colours or whatever colour you love, and know that you are safe, strong and protected.

Ground yourself regularly. Become like a tree with strong roots that help you to stay strong in the midst of any storm. Say to yourself: “I am grounded. I am balanced. I am a worthy person who deserves to receive good into my life.”

When you change, everyone around you changes too. Give it a try and see what happens – what have you got to lose?


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