Saturday, 23rd June 2018
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As regular readers will know, I am a Galway Girl, living in Thomastown, and working in Kilkenny and Waterford. I love living in the South East, but I also take great pride in my roots. Last weekend, I spent time in a tiny village called Ballagh near Ballinasloe, clearing out the bungalow of my late bachelor uncles Mattie and John. It was a very emotional time and brought back many lovely childhood memories. Uncle Mattie was a dab hand with the camera, and we came across many wonderful photographs of the old times. Alongside the photographs, I also came across a number of closed cards, which I had to open in case they contained anything important. It turned out they were mass cards from Knock. There were so many prayers said for our family, we must have been blessed many times over!

This weekend, I watched the hurling as Galway beat Tipperary by a solitary point. My two late uncles would have relished this brilliant match, and loved the final result even more. Although Catholicism was their first religion, hurling was a close second! I’m convinced that if they were still around, they would have been saying the rosary daily for Galway to win another all Ireland! When I was first elected as a councillor in Kilkenny, they asked me - partly in jest, I think – whether I could do anything about getting Brian Cody to reign. They had the greatest admiration and respect for Mr Cody – a man of steel who would accept nothing less than a win – it’s just they wanted him gone to give the other counties (most especially Galway, of course!) a chance.

And so to next weekend when Waterford take on Cork. My eldest brother, a GAA referee who now lives in Cork, will be cheering on the Rebels (but only until the final). But I’m hoping the Deise will triumph. It would mean so much to the county, and would be a well deserved reward for all the hard work and efforts put in by the players, management and staff. It’s been a long time since Waterford (1959) or Galway (1980) won an all Ireland, so let’s be like my old uncles, and get those rosary beads out and start praying for the right result!


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