Sunday, 22nd July 2018
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O’Brien family and new Waterford team officially open O’Briens Wines at Ardkeen

Written in the Stars

Waterford Today weekly horoscopes

Wednesday 2nd August - Tuesday 8th August

Aries 21st March-21st April

A new life phase is beginning for many Aries now, building from the two new moons in Leo recently to the full moon with partial eclipse on August 7th. Leadership roles will present themselves to you, and where you might not have felt ready or suitable before, now it will feel right and you know you have work to do for the betterment of those around you. You may also find more time for yourself and for things you’ve always wanted to try.

Taurus 22nd April-21st May

Life is about to throw up one of those recurring lessons to a lot of

Taureans this week, especially for those who have been doing some deep soul searching. The idea of not being ‘enough’ - good enough, clever enough, pretty enough etc. - needs to be ousted from your mind and your vocabulary. It limits your idea of yourself and your capabilitiers, stops you from reaching your true potential, and gives others permission to take advantage of you.

Gemini 22nd May-21st June

Mercury is heading retrograde (yes again!) shining a light on how your spend - that could be your energy, your time or your money. If you feel you’re becoming depleted in any one of these areas, take measures now to redress the situation. The partial eclipse is going to make something very clear for you, especially if you’ve been wondering whether to hang on or let go somewhere in your life.

Cancer 22nd June-22nd July

Somethings things don’t go according to plan, and there’s the sense that something you were really looking forward to, appears at first to be a bit of a disappointment. Don’t get so tied up with complaining about it that you miss an opportunity to show others as well as yourself, the old lesson about when life gives you lemons! With imagination and a sense of humour you really can turn the situation around and end up having a whale of a time.

Leo 23rd July-23rd August

There is some serious planetary support around Leos this month. Anywhere where you have the vision and even a loose plan to get to where you know you want to be, it will be almost impossible to knock you off track. It doesn’t matter how slowly you’re moving as long as you’re keeping that forward momentum. You may very well look back on the seemingly small steps taken now as being huge strides towards the future you’ve always wanted.

Virgo 24th August-23rd September

You might not always realise it, but a lot of people genuinely like and respect you, and a lot more really admire you. So shake off the self doubt and lend your help and support to those in your circle where you can. Your experience in life can be a lesson to others who are trying to make their way. Your legendary attention to detail and tried and tested methods are sorely lacking in today’s fast paced world.

Libra 24th September-23rd October

It may feel at the moment as if every time your find your balance another wave of mayhem comes along to knock you off kilter. It may throw up some very big and all emcompassing questions. As challenging as this seems its life’s way of testing our resolve.

Ultimately just trust in yourself and your ability to handle whatever comes your way. A meditation practice could be very beneficial now. Pay special attention also to your dreams.

Scorpio 24th October-22nd November

You too may be fighting to keep some semblance of balance in your life. You might feel pulled in every direction by the wants and desires of your loved ones. It’s the most natural thing in the world to want to make the people you love happy. But don’t forget to address your own needs too. A major shift is heralded on the career front, something you failed to see before becomes so obvious now, you can’t believe you never thought of it!

Sagittarius 23rd November-21st December

You are braver than you think Sagittarius, so don’t let self doubt hinder your progress especially on the work front. Help with a project you’ve been working towards may come from an unlikely source, maybe someone in your circle has hidden skills you never knew about! You have all the support you could ever need so call on advice from your friends and family if you’re uncertain about how to move forward and listen also to your own intuition.

Capricorn 22nd December-20th January

There’s a good chance this week that in order to move forward in one area of your life you have to take some kind of cut in another area. It could be that a new job gets you closer to your goals but pays less or is a little less attractive looking on paper. It could be that you need to move back home to squirrel funds away for your dream pad, or that you have to cut out your favourite luxuries to be able to afford that holiday. Such is life I’m afraid.

Aquarius 21st January-19th February

There could be opportunities to undertake a course of study related to your work that will further enhance your career, your earning capabilities and your appetite for the work you do. It may even be offered by your current employer meaning you don’t have to put your hand in your pocket! Expect greater responsibility at work as a result. Keep a check on your circulation and anything to do with heart health.

Pisces 20th February-20th March

If you find yourself between jobs at the moment Venus is urging that you get in touch with your creative side. Something you do to pass the time could well turn into a source of revenue if nurtured and explored. With Mercury retrograde expect the pace of life to slow down, especially so if you’re waiting on an important communication or answer of some description. Watch your tendancies to overdo it when it comes to the sweeter things in life.

Family business owners and brothers Jim, Brendan, and Kevin O’Brien along with new store manager Paul Murphy officially open the doors of the new 1500sq ft O’Briens Wines store at Ardkeen Shopping Centre last Friday, July 28, 2017.

Speaking in Waterford at the store opening Brendan O’Brien said, “We are delighted to open our newest store in Waterford today and we are also thrilled to have a fantastic new team of seven join the extended family of the O’Brien business team. Our new Waterford store manager and team hold a huge depth of knowledge and passion for wine, beer, and spirits and we know that they will provide customers with top quality service to suit their needs.”

New Waterford store manager Paul Murphy has over 30 years’ experience in the wine trade. Paul has worked with O’Briens Wine since 2004 and is moving back to Waterford having held the role of manager at O’Briens Wine Carlow.

O’Briens Wine import directly and exclusively from over 100 wineries worldwide and offer a range of over 1,000 exclusive wines along with a variety of over 160 world and craft and ice-cold beers and an extensive variety of internationally renowned spirits.

The Waterford O’Briens Wines store is open seven days per week offering a ‘try before buy’ experience with weekly wine tastings and craft beer and spirits, ‘tasting club’ nights. The team at O’Briens Wines are on hand to guide customers with information and tastings for any event, from weddings to parties and corporate gifts. For further details see


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