Thursday, 14th December 2017
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Overcoming Stammering

I recently watched the film “The King’s Speech” starring Colin Firth. It’s a great film, describing how King George VI overcame his stammer thanks to the help of an Australian speech therapist called Lionel Logue. The film had a particular resonance for me, because over the years, I have helped a number of patients – most usually children – who have suffered from stammering.

Stuttering or stammering in children is frequently a sign of stress, and is more common than you might think. In my experience, children may start to

stammer after a real fright or a deep emotional trauma. Identifying the root cause of the stammer is a vital element in helping to address, treat and overcome the condition.

In a number of cases I have seen, the stammer is part of a general insecurity and lack of confidence - the child will only stammer when nervous or when they have to perform in some way, for example when they have to say their tables in front of the class. Speech therapy is the conventional treatment, and it can be very helpful, but I have also found that homeopathic remedies can make a big difference. I suggest a 30 potency remedy daily for ten days as follows:


Child has recently developed a stammer after a shock or frightening experience.


Child develops the stammer after a loss or bereavement, and has become withdrawn and sulky.


Child seems to stumble over words and sentences, with no apparent causation.


Child had a shock or trauma in the past that may have triggered the stammer, and has to exert him/herself for a long time before they can utter a word.

As ever in cases where children’s wellbeing is out of kilter, parents have a huge role to play. I know that it’s hard not to do so, but parents should try not to

correct their child when they stutter, or tell them to stop. The stammer is not under the child’s conscious control, and the more they are made aware of it, the more embarrassed they will likely become – with the result of making the stutter persist. Often, the stutter is less of a problem when the child is relaxed, so anything parents can do to help them to stay calm will be useful: to this end, I have found deep breathing exercises to be very effective.


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