Tuesday, 17th July 2018
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Waterford Minister of State John Halligan T.D. has confirmed that construction is due to commence in September on a new 100-bed Community Nursing Home on the grounds of St. Patrick’s Hospital.

The long-awaited unit, which will comprise of two households of 30 beds and two of 20 beds, in addition to a patient roof terrace, courtyard and extended gardens, will take approximately 20 months to construct, Minister Halligan said:

“After so many years waiting, significant progress has finally been made on the development of this badly needed unit, which will be fully funded under the HSE’s 2016-21 Capital Plan. Tenders for construction have been received, evaluated and a preferred bidder selected. The contract award has been approved and a contractor is to be appointed within the next few weeks. It is expected that construction will commence in September and a 20-month building programme is planned.”

Minister Halligan noted that the new unit will link directly with the chapel and with the existing hospital building via a glazed link:

“As part of the construction plans the chapel at St. Patrick’s Hospital, which is Protected Structure, will be refurbished internally and externally to form a new main entrance and foyer for the hospital. The existing Convent building is to be demolished, while a new reflection room/chapel facilities will be incorporated as part of the development. Provision will also be made for 100 car parking spaces and the works will include construction of a new main entrance on St. Patrick’s Way.

“Additional accommodation has been promised at St. Patrick’s since 2009, when St. Brigid’s Ward was closed on health and fire safety grounds. There is a dire need to replace outdated accommodation at both St. Patrick’s and St. Aidan’s ward at St. Otteran’s hospitals and great credit must go to the campaign group who kept their Tuesday lunchtime protest going for so many years in support of this development. This new unit, when it opens, will have a huge impact on the provision of modern residential accommodation for the elderly in Waterford.”


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