Friday, 21st July 2017
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Healing the Heart

I hope you enjoyed the recent series of articles relating to homeopathic personalities. Thank you for your enquiries and questions on how the remedies cover the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the individual. It still fascinates and intrigues me how we human beings have so many dimensions which are connected to every cell and every organ in the body!

There has been a lot of discussion recently on the heart aspect, especially with regard to the lack of 24/7 Cardiac Care Services in the South East. Along with all decent people here, my heartfelt sympathies go out to the Power Family on the recent death of Thomas, who arrived at the UHW at the weekend when the Cath Lab was closed. Catherine (Thomas' sister) is doing great work alongside Community Activists and I commend and applaud them all for their vital campaign to secure a proper service in our region.

I usually keep my political views separate to this column, but as a former nurse, a current First Responder with Red Cross, a member of the South East Health Forum, a Complementary Health Practitionr and a local politician (with a small p, and no party!), I am absolutely mortified and embarrassed to think that this government can not get their act together and deliver 24/7 Cardiac Care in the South East. Our ministers and TD's are living in their heads. Overanalysing is paralysing the situation. Egos are fighting with one another, each person or party wanting a piece of the credit that it is they or their party who is going to take this over the line. MEANWHILE, PEOPLE ARE DYING.

Wake up, the HSE, Dept of Health and Minister of Health! Move from your heads into your hearts, and give the people in the South East the Cardiac Services we deserve. When the journey is from the head to the heart, people feel the positive anger of wanting what they feel they have a right to deserve. But they also feel the trust, the love and the compassion. Of course they feel the pain of others, but they feel the joy of others too. Sadly, right now, there is not too much joy as people are living in fear of their health if they have a heart problem after hours. Nobody wants to live in fear and doubt of having a heart attack. They want to live in a Community that provides a top class service to local top class people.

I will be at the Dail this week alongside many local groups and individuals including Willie Doyle, SEPAG (South East Patient Advocacy Group), Hand on the Heart, Irish Red Cross and Dr Paddy Condon, all of whom are tirelessly working on behalf of the people. We are calling on the Government to see common sense and give the people of the South East the Cardiac Services they deserve. Let's Heal Hearts and Not Break Them!

Share the Load:

Mental Health activist Enda O’Doherty and his 40kg Beko washing machine to climb

Kilimanjaro in support of Pieta House

35 people ranging in age from their teens to their 60s left for Tanzania on Monday afternoon to climb Africa’s highest peak in a heady bid to raise funds for Pieta House, rallied by Waterford man Enda O’Doherty. Mental health activist Enda is best known for walking the 379 kilometres from Belfast to Waterford with a 40kg Beko washing machine strapped to his back, spreading his message to ‘Share the Load’. Enda, who will joined by his wife on the daunting challenge, has been on a tight training schedule for months. He says, “People ask, why a washing machine? From my side, it’s very simple, the washing machine that I’m carrying represents the heavy hidden load that people carry.”

Pieta House founder and senator Joan Freeman will be at Dublin Airport’s Terminal 1 on Monday at 4.15pm to see the team off in what is sure to be an emotional farewell as her own son, Martin, will be joining the 6-day trek to the 5,696m summit. The descent is expected to take two days, with the team returning to Dublin on Wednesday, July 12th. All of those travelling have covered their own expenses, and in addition the group has fundraised over €162,000, with all monies benefitting Pieta House. For further information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Letters to the Editor


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