Sunday, 17th December 2017
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Homeopathic personalities:

The Nux Vomica personality - Live in the now

The sixth in my series of eight "Homeopathic Personalities" is Nux Vomica, which helps you to be more patient and to live in the now.

Who needs Nux Vomica?

Do you know anybody who is impatient, competitive and ambitious? The major focus in their life is to work and to achieve. Such people can be very confident - arrogant even - and often they are compulsive not just in their work, but also in all aspects of their life.

The pathology of the Nux Vomica personality focuses on the gastro intestinal tract. Indeed, this personality often craves stimulant type food and drink such as spicy or fatty foods, alcohol, coffee and cigarettes.

Physical Ailments:

IBS. Constipation with constant, ineffectual urging for stool - or the opposite, ie urgency for diarrhoea. Haemorrhoids. Gastritis with pains from alcohol abuse or from over-eating. Acute colic - kidney or gall stones with cramping pains, better for heat and worse for touch. Insomnia - wakes up especially between 2-3am due to thoughts about work, exams or tasks to achieve.

Mental & Emotional Ailments:

Irritable, ambitious and driven. Easily offended and can lose temper easily. Anger at contradiction from others. Tendency to break things from anger and frustration. Impatient - hates waiting in lines or in traffic (can suffer from road rage). Competitive. Workaholic. Fastidious, can become especially angry if objects are not in their proper place. Their minds think very fast and can leap from one idea to the next. Slow workers can irritate them.

The Nux Vomica child is irritable and often suffers from colic or colitis. At school age the child is extremely competitive about sports and exam results, and they can be terrible losers. The child may be rude towards siblings, parents and peers, and may lack concentration and focus due to day-dreaming.

Positive results from Nux Vomica

Nux Vomica is the number one remedy for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and helps to treat the associated spasms, cramps, burping and belching which are so prevalent with this condition. It helps people to be more patient with themselves and to be more tolerant of others. By calming the nerves, it helps people to concentrate better and to be more focussed. And by calming the nerves, it can also aid the relaxation of the colon and over-ride IBS-type symptoms. Nux Vomica helps people to get the right balance in their lives between work, family and self-contentment.

Nux Vomica is a wonderful remedy for getting people to live in the now. With this remedy, when they apply themselves to a job, they actually see it through without distraction, and without becoming frustrated at the perceived failings of both themselves and those around them. Otherwise, they may find that they are present in body but not in their thoughts which may be elsewhere – in other words daydreaming. Finally, Nux Vomica is a wonderful detox remedy for the mind and body: many of you may know it as the number one hangover remedy!

PS My book "Words of Wisdom for your Health & Happiness" has more on each homeopathic personality. See the Shop section of my website, or the Book Centre in Waterford also has copies for sale.


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