Monday, 21st May 2018
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Wednesday, 7th March 2018

The following article is penned In light of recent events most notably the failure of 19 South East Oireachtas members to win any concessions from Minister for Health Simon Harris on the issue of South East cardiac care – this despite some telling political and clinical developments on the issue including expansion of Dublin Catheterisation capacity in the interim and the continuing enforcement of emergency cardiac care outside the standards of the national clinical care programme. There is also significant politicking and jockeying going on behind the scenes with some of our regional representatives - the headline grabs with a full synopsis below -

1. Despite the Minister receiving a report of the availability to UHW of a full service Modular Interventional Cath Lab in December 2017 he said he had ‘no knowledge of the subject’ when meeting the South

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Wednesday, 7th March 2018

University Hospital Waterford coped well during the severe weather event due to the exceptional efforts and support from our staff and the various emergency services who all teamed together to keep the hospital system operating safely over an extended period in very challenging circumstances. Critical to the smoother functioning experienced was that management and staff started into local preparations and plan for this event from Monday 5th March and this proved crucial in managing the overall situation and what was in reality a mammoth logistical exercise.

UHW are so proud of our staff, many of whom did not see their families for up to five nights either staying in local hotels or bedding onsite in the hospital in order to be available for work on day or night duty. Staff swapped shifts to facilitate other colleagues who lived in more inaccessible

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Wednesday, 7th March 2018

07-03-2018 to 14-03-2018

Wednesday 7th

WIDA – Dunphy Room – 9:00am

HSE Paediatric Physiotherapy – Grosvenor Room – 9:00am

WCFE – Normoyle Room – 9:00am

Intermediate Yoga with Katie – Finn Room – 9:00am

English Classes – Various Room – 10:00am

Qigong – Ship Room – 10:00am

Complete Beginners Yoga with Katie – Finn Room – 10:00am

Belong – Finn Room – 12:00pm

Kumon Education – Finn Room – 3:45pm

Mini Musos Children’s Yoga Class – Mulcahy Room – 4:30pm

High Hopes Choir – Normoyle Room – 6:00pm

Qigong – Ship Room – 7:00pm

SHARE Group – Power Room – 7:00pm

Lifehouse Church – Finn Room – 7:30pm

Positive Living and Relaxation Course – Mulcahy Room – 7:30pm

Waterford Intellectual Disability Association – Grosvenor Room – 7:30pm

Thursday 8th

WIDA – Dunphy Room – 9:00am

English Classes – Various Room – 10:00am

The Place of Dance and Performing Arts – Finn Room – 1:45pm

C.O.P.D. Support Group – Power Room – 2:00pm


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Wednesday, 7th March 2018

Pip and Pear Wins Food and Agri Award at the Waterford Business Awards held in the beautiful Faithlegg House Hotel on Friday the 23rd of February.

The gala awards ceremony which are now in their fourth year, celebrates the best of Waterford business across eleven categories and include Arts, Culture and Heritage, Best Small Business, Community and Social Enterprise, Food and Agri, Research, Innovation and Technology, Manufacturing and Industry, Emerging New Business, Retail, Services, Customer Service Excellence and Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality.

The Judge’s Special Recognition Award was presented to Anne Marie Caulfield, owner and director of Caulfield McCarthy Group, Caulfield’s SuperValu and Caulfield McCarthy Property Ltd, by Waterford Chamber President Paul Nolan on behalf of sponsors Dawn Meats, for her tremendous contribution to the cultural and economic climate of Waterford and for inspiring others through her exceptional commitment, motivation, and vision.


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Wednesday, 7th March 2018

Bake for brain injury events to take place in Waterford

People in Waterford have been called on to bake for the 13,000 people who acquire brain injury each year in Ireland, as Brain Awareness Week takes place from March 5-11. The Week includes ‘bake for brain injury’ events all across the country, including Waterford, to support rehabilitation and services for people and their families. In Waterford a ‘bake’ event is taking place at Cheshire Waterford from 11am-1pm on March 9th. Further details can be had by calling ABI Ireland’s main office at (01) 280 4164.

The campaign is being endorsed by Broadcaster Miriam O’Callaghan who called on people to bake or sample some tasty bites to support needed services.

"It’s very important to raise awareness of an injury that could happen any of us at any time. Acquired Brain Injury is devastating –

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Wednesday, 7th March 2018

Speaking following the launch of the Department of Health’s Non Broadcast Media Advertising and Marketing of Food and Non Alcoholic Beverages, including Sponsorship and Retail Product

Placement Voluntary Codes of Practice, Janis Morrissey, Head of Health Promotion, Information and Training with the Irish Heart Foundation (IHF) said:

"State-funded research estimates that 85,000 of today’s children on the island of Ireland will die prematurely due to overweight and obesity. This demonstrates an overwhelming need to alter our current course away from what may become the most fatal failure of political will, and of our children, in the history of the State.

"We do not doubt the deep commitment in the Department of Health to genuine action to tackle our obesity crisis and we acknowledge that in recent times there has been important progress, most notably with the introduction in April of the sugar sweetened

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Wednesday, 28th February 2018

Fostering Changes Lives

Fostering Fortnight, formerly known as Fostering Awareness Week, is coming up from February 26th to March 9th. Oak Lodge Fostering Services Waterford are holding a coffee and information morning on February 22nd in the Stage Door Café at the Theatre Royal, Waterford from 10am to 12 noon. The aim of Fostering Fortnight is to develop people’s awareness and understanding of foster care in Ireland and to highlight the incredible work foster carers all over the country do. We are asking people to come together with us in support of this very important event - come along and have a cuppa and cake, listen to foster carers stories, share some of your own and let us share some of ours and explain and celebrate the incredible work that goes on in support of our many vulnerable children.

Table Quiz

A fundraising

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Wednesday, 28th February 2018

Part-time work and social welfare payments


I’m working part-time on a low wage. Do I qualify for any social welfare payments?


It depends on your personal circumstances. Many people work part-time before taking up full-time employment. If you are working part-time you can, in some cases, keep or apply for a partial social welfare payment, or you may qualify for additional supports.

If you work over 38 hours in a fortnight and you have children you may be able to claim Working Family Payment (WFP), formerly known as Family Income Supplement or FIS. WFP is a weekly tax-free payment for people on low pay.

You may be able to claim a jobseeker’s payment for the days you are not working. You can work part-time for up to three days a week and claim a reduced Jobseeker's Benefit or Jobseeker's Allowance payment. You may qualify

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Wednesday, 28th February 2018

By Bill Sones and Rich Sones, PhD

Q. Is there medical evidence of "faith healing"?

A. Try a placebo, the most potent drug known and with the fewest side effects, says Peter Smith, pharmacologist and neuroscientist at the University of Alberta. "But you have to believe in it."

Placebos are inert substances, often used in "doubleblind" studies - neither researcher nor subjects know who's taking the real medicine - to rule out imagined effects.

And powerful these effects are: the pill-taker hopes the pill will work and so, mysteriously, it does - even though pharmacologically, it shouldn't! "I don't know of any studies that have fully explained this," says Dr. Smith. Possibly anxiety and despair suppress the immune system, then the hope-giving placebo bolsters the body's natural defenses to help fight off injury, infection, cancer, says Reg Morgan, physiologist at the University of Western

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Wednesday, 28th February 2018

A new course of yoga for men, beginner’s level, begins at Anjali Yoga Waterford on Wednesday March 7th at 5.45pm.

With yoga being a predominantly female pursuit in the western world, this course is aimed at facilitating men who would like to enjoy the benefits of yoga in a class designed to meet their specific needs.

This course will focus on improving flexibility and range of motion, easing tension and tightness and will use far- infra-red heat to aid in superior stretching as well as strength building for the whole body.

Working in particular with core and intrinsic stabilising muscles of the body as well as the mobiliser muscles of the peripheral body, the course aims to bring the body into balance through mindful movement. We will also look to ease tightness from the fascia of the body from the soles of the

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Letters to the Editor


    Cultural AttitudesThe recent survey by Price Waterhouse Cooper into cultural attitude that exist in the police force made for some interesting reading. One of the main findings in the report was that respondents felt that it was best to keep your head down and if you did think that something was wrong that it was better for yourself if you kept quiet about it.Another finding was that a significant amount of Gardai felt that it was who you knew and not what you knew that determined how far you advan …

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