Wednesday, 19th September 2018
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Sunday, 29th July 2018

By Bill Sones and

Rich Sones, PhD

Q. How did a 2 dollar deck of cards and boredom help solve some cold-case homicides?

A. Florida's Department of Law Enforcement and others distributed decks of cards with pictures of murder victims on them, including a short summary of the case, says Dan Lewis on his "Now I Know website.

The decks are often the only playing cards available to the inmates in the prison commissary. And here's where boredom and loose lips enter in: As one Connecticut corrections official told "Slate”:

"Inmates brag to one another about their past exploits, and when the people they brag to come across cards that match the stories they've heard, they realize they have information that could be worth money or could help them get time off their prison terms.”

Before featuring victims on the cards,

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Sunday, 29th July 2018

Natural Healing

with breda gardner

The art of communication

Ever since I was elected as a local councillor some four years ago, I have found the art of communication to be tricky and troublesome!

Especially at the beginning of my tenure, I found it difficult to get my point across: some other councillors were very adept at speaking over me whilst I was trying to talk. I found their actions disrespectful - if not downright rude - when they tried to block what I was saying, just because they disagreed with a certain point of view.

But in time, with courage, passion, practice and resolve, I learnt to stand my ground and be heard. Different points of view never get heard if everyone is speaking at the same time!

The ability to communicate clearly with others is a skill that should be taught in every school

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Sunday, 29th July 2018

Global leader in innovative solutions for injectable drug administration, West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc., a global leader announced the official opening of its new Waterford, Ireland facility, a global centre of excellence for West's advanced manufacturing network, and the launch of a new product line—Westar® Select. Customers and senior-level Irish government officials joined West at a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the facility's opening and to recognise West's ongoing commitment to improving patient lives through their products and services. "West is very pleased to celebrate the official opening of our state-of-the-art facility in Waterford, as well as the launch of Westar Select, both of which are the culmination of efforts by many to support our Company's commitment to meeting the dynamic needs of our pharmaceutical and biotech partners," said Eric Green, President and CEO, West. "Our investment in Waterford, in

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Wednesday, 18th July 2018

High Tea with Santa Barbara Poets Laureate

On July 22nd at The Parlour Vintage Tearooms, join SB Poets Laureate for poetry, tea, and scones at the Parlour Vintage Tea Rooms in Waterford. €10 to include high tea.

California poets David Starkey, Chryss Yost and Paul J. Willis are on tour in Ireland with Gunpowder Press. David Starkey, publisher of Gunpowder Press, also edits some of the best selling composition textbooks in the U.S. His poems reflect his wry sense of humour and love of popular culture. Paul Willis is also a essayist who has recently completed several National Park writing residencies. His poems show a naturalist's keen observations of the grand and sublime American West. Chryss Yost is a co-editor and designer for Gunpowder Press.

Brought to you by the Arts Office, Waterford City & County Council and Modwords.

Medugorje Healing Mass

A Medugorje Healing

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Wednesday, 18th July 2018

Telephone Support


Q I am a pensioner living alone. I used to get an allowance towards my telephone bill, but it stopped a few years ago. I heard it might be coming back

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Wednesday, 18th July 2018

By Bill Sones and Rich Sones, PhD

Q How might a blind person rehearse the layout of a place in a new city before traveling there?

A. By utilizing Microsoft's "canetroller," "a walking cane that simulates the feeling of real objects with vibrations" and that includes auditory feedback as well, reports "New Scientist" magazine.

With the digital world thus opened up to the blind, one woman standing in an empty 22-square-meter room said she felt like she was "hitting up against" the virtual room's walls. A man said he could "feel textured surfaces."

Adds Microsoft's Meredith Morris: "It could even be used to practice navigating in the snow in advance of a storm

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Wednesday, 18th July 2018

"The countdown to the 24th annual Helvick Swim & BBQ has begun and we are all working hard in preparation for a great day in support of Helvick Head Lifeboat Station scheduled for 1pm on Sunday July 22nd" said Hon Fundraising Chairman Kevin O'Morchoe.

"There are a few places available for the sponsored swim, and swimmers can choose either the 2k or 4k option" said RNLI Swim Coordinator Oliver Clancy who can be contacted This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloak73b134120f1ce00c6dd576eb89be4159').innerHTML = ''; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addy73b134120f1ce00c6dd576eb89be4159 = 'at_ofclancy' + '@'; addy73b134120f1ce00c6dd576eb89be4159 = addy73b134120f1ce00c6dd576eb89be4159 + 'gmail' + '.' + 'com'; var addy_text73b134120f1ce00c6dd576eb89be4159 = 'at_ofclancy' + '@' + 'gmail' + '.' + 'com';document.getElementById('cloak73b134120f1ce00c6dd576eb89be4159').innerHTML += '

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Wednesday, 18th July 2018

We may all have developed "files" in our minds that should be deleted. Those files might include arrogance, sarcasm, being judgemental or being over-cynical - the list goes on!

And maybe the biggest, baddest file of all is one called "ego" that makes us think we are superior to others.

In the fairytale of Snow White, the wicked stepmother represents the ego. She wants to kill her beautiful step-daughter, who is the innocent spirit of love within us.

It is only the kiss of the prince - representing unconditional love - that can break the stepmother's evil spell and awaken Snow White.

If the prince had not kissed her - but instead sniped at her and judged her for still being asleep - then the princess would not have awoken.

It is not those who judge and condemn us who make good things happen -

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Wednesday, 11th July 2018

Samaritans Fundraising in Tramore

On Thursday and Friday 12th and 13th July 2018 Samaritans are holding their Annual "Biro" Collection Day in Tramore. Much needed funds help us to provide valuable service by telephone and text to our callers, who may be anxious, depressed or suicidal.

Fundraisers will be located at Supervalu, Tesco, Centra and Post Office in Tramore. Samaritans can be contacted anytime on Freephone 116123.

Charity Concert Ardmore

A charity fundraising concert takes place in the beautiful village of Ardmore next week on July 13th in aid of the two churches within the parish. Country star Patrick Feeney and his band will play in concert in St Declan's Church Ardmore starting at 8pm.

Aware seeking Waterford volunteers

Aware, Ireland's leading organisation providing support, education and information services for those impacted by depression and bipolar disorder, is urgently seeking Waterford volunteers for its Support &

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Wednesday, 11th July 2018

Noisy Neighbours

Q Our neighbours often have noisy parties that keep us awake at night. We don't really want to call the Garda

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Letters to the Editor

  • Waiting can be bad for your He...

    When the latest statistic that waiting times for patients had risen to their highest level yet, there can't have been too many people that were surprised.There are now over 700.000 people on waiting lists with over 50.000 of them children. That so many people are waiting for treatment in one of the most developed economies in the world is truly frightening. Of course you can take into account the underfunding of the health sector during the economic downturn but it still wouldn't fully explain why so ma …

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