Tuesday, 25th April 2017
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Wednesday, 29th March 2017

Waterford Archaeological & Historical Society

The lecture season for 2017 will continue on Friday 31st March with a lecture by Mr. Sean Murphy. Topic: Stories of the Great War from mid County Waterford. Venue: St. Patrick's Gateway Centre, Patrick Street, Waterford. Time: 8pm. Admission €5, members no charge.

Please note that the Annual General Meeting of the Society will take place at the same venue on Friday 7th April at 8pm.

Cnoc Buí ARA

Next meeting Wednesday 5th April at 2pm at The Woodlands Hotel. Our Speaker is a Rep. from Hidden Hearing.

April 20th Outing to Lafcadio Hearn Gardens Tramore 11am

Cinema Group Starts on 2nd Wednesday of each Month. This Meeting we also have Yoga Stretching with Anna. Tea Coffee and scone to follow, and free raffell for Easter Eggs.

A Reminder Final Payment for Trip to Westport.

Wishing all our Members a Happy Easter.

Waterford Philosophical

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Wednesday, 29th March 2017

CAO late application


The closing date for applying to college was 1 February. Can I still apply?


You apply for almost all full-time undergraduate courses through the Central Applications Office (CAO). This includes, for example, university and institute of technology undergraduate courses such as Higher Certificates at Level 6 and degrees at Levels 7 and 8.

The closing date for 2017 CAO applications was 1 February 2017. However, late applications are allowed up to 5.15pm on 1 May 2017.

There is a fee to apply for courses through the CAO and late applications are subject to an increased fee. Late online applications cost €50.

You may change the courses you picked or the order of courses on your application. This Change of Mind facility is free. It opens on 5 May and closes on 1 July 2017 at 5:15pm.

If you are a mature applicant who

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Wednesday, 29th March 2017

By Bill Sones and Rich Sones, PhD

Q. Technically speaking, what are a few rather novel ways of dying these days - some more literal than others?

A. If you suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out), you just might be a candidate for death-by-smartphone, as you hear that ding or chirp (“attention magnets”) and just have to know what’s going on, even as you cross a busy intersection, says Paul McFedries in “IEEE Spectrum” magazine. Or consider death-by-GPS, so coined by Death Valley National Park rangers, who attested to people following their GPS into the hostile environment of the park and perishing when they ran out of gas and couldn’t get help. And, adds McFedries, “by now the stories of clueless tourists who drive straight into the ocean or go 900 miles in the wrong direction because they mindlessly followed the

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Wednesday, 29th March 2017

Employers across Waterford are being urged to sign up for Ireland’s third National Workplace Wellbeing Day on Friday, 31st March 2017. Last year over 300 companies of all sizes from across the public and private sectors participated in the annual event which aims to improve employee wellbeing through promoting better exercise and nutrition in the workplace. New research shows that only a quarter of workers in Ireland (26%) take the recommended level of exercise for a healthy lifestyle each week.

Marcella Corcoran Kennedy T.D., Minister for State for Health Promotion launched this year’s campaign, which is an initiative of Food and Drink Industry Ireland (FDII), and is supported by Ibec. Speaking at the launch, Danny McCoy, CEO, Ibec said: "As a nation, we

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Wednesday, 29th March 2017

Waterford Today weekly horoscopes

Wednesday 29th March - Tuesday 4th April

Aries 21st March-21st April

Old habits, old beliefs and out-dated patterns of behaviour could very well begin to come to the forefront now. This is the perfect time to work on things you want to get rid of from your life. So whether it’s self doubt or self limiting beliefs, a tendency to fly off the handle too easily or to wallow in self pity sometimes, or an addiction to salt and vinegar crisps and cheese sandwiches, you can really make progress now.

Taurus 22nd April-21st May

You’re a no-nonsense, straight-talking, sharp-shooting straight from the hip kind of player as the month begins thanks to the position of Mercury in your chart now Taurus. You’re clear headed and find it easy to get your point of view across to others. If you have to

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Wednesday, 29th March 2017

David Cullinane, Sinn Féin TD for Waterford, has criticised the HSE for the cuts in home care hours for Waterford, saying that these are completely unacceptable and need to be addressed.

Deputy Cullinane said: "I asked Minister Harris for the number of home help hours provided both nationally and across all nine community healthcare organisations. The figures show that while the hours provided are down by 5 percent nationally since 2011, for Waterford that figure is 12.5 percent. In other words, home care hours for Waterford have been cut by two and a half times the national average over the past five years.

"It is becoming increasingly clear to me that there is a concerted effort on the part of the HSE to pretend that somehow the needs of the people of Waterford can be served through services in Cork, Limerick or

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Wednesday, 29th March 2017

The UPMC Whitfield Cancer Centre, based in Waterford, is an advanced radiation therapy centre serving patients in the Southeast, is leveraging its successful track record of delivering the highest quality standards of cancer care to assist partner clinicians in Rome.

Having successfully completed three of its own Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation surveys, the gold standard in terms of global health care, the Cancer Centre welcomed colleagues from UPMC San Pietro FBF this past week to share knowledge and information related to quality and safety standards.

“While we are incredibly proud that we have been JCI-accredited since 2008, we are even more proud of how that translates into exceptional patient care and are very excited to be able to share this experience with our colleagues from Rome,” said Catriona McDonald, director of operations at UPMC Whitfield Cancer Centre.

The JCI accreditation process focuses

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Wednesday, 29th March 2017

Every day we are all aware of the increase in numbers of children being reported as having ‘special needs’, whether they be physical, intellectual or emotional impairments, and this trend evidentially is on the increase. Experts around the globe are busy trying to come to acceptable scientific explanations, albeit to perhaps say that it’s dietary, environmental, societal or other!

In the meantime, we parents’ who have children with these challenges try to do the very best we can, often with limited financial means, contending with overburdened, ill-informed and at times, unsympathetic services, where they will attribute or categorize our children as being A, B or C and often dismissing parent’s wisdom!

What has this to do with marching for our children and why you may wonder?

Well, can you imagine that if by the time your child is 13 years of age, they

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Wednesday, 29th March 2017

With Breda Gardner Homeopath, lcph, mcos, rgn

Health Therapies Clinic

13 Gladstone Street, Waterford.

Tel: 087 2025753.

Insight Natural Health Clinic

15 Upper Patrick St, Kilkenny

Tel: 056 7724429

Healing the hurt

As the truth emerges about the Mother & Baby Homes in Ireland, a great deal of pain and hurt has come to the surface. Who can fail to be moved by stories of mothers being separated from their newborn babies, of young children and mothers thoughtlessly buried in a septic tank, and of adult sons and daughters unable to find out information about their birth parents and siblings? These hurts and pains are felt not just by those who were personally affected by what went on, but also by the many others who acutely empathise with the victims.

Two women in my local town of Thomastown came up with the inspired idea to hold a remembrance ceremony

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Wednesday, 29th March 2017

AIB Ardkeen and Waterford Healing Arts Trust (WHAT) are hosting a fundraising Spinathon at Ardkeen Stores on Friday 31st March. Volunteer spinners will be taking turns to keep the wheels spinning on two spinning bikes in the foyer of Ardkeen Stores for twelve hours from 8am -8pm. Come along and support AIB staff members, local business people and hospital staff as they sweat it out for WHAT.

All proceeds will go towards funding the ongoing arts programme of the Waterford Healing Arts Trust. The Trust brings live arts experiences to the bedsides of patients in University Hospital Waterford as well as to visitors and staff of the hospital and the wider community as a means of improving the hospital experience for all.

Acting Arts Director, Claire Meaney, said: “We fund-raise on a constant basis to support our activities. We hope as many

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Letters to the Editor


    Waterford Institute of TechnologyWaterford Institute of Technology is once again making national headlines for all the wrong reasons. At the recent Public Accounts Committee meeting representatives of WIT were questioned and in turn left more questionsunanswered. The Chairman of the P.A.C. Sean Fleming, T.D.,Fianna Fail, called the failure to have up to date accounts for W.I.T. as “disgraceful”.Faced with a deficit of €15m. the financial problems facing the Institute are very …

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