Tuesday, 17th July 2018
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Tuesday, 2nd April 2013

A revolutionary new way to treat IBS and other gastro problems is launching in Waterford that could substantially reduce medical costs for the city's 86% of sufferers.

Symprove, a natural supplement drink made from barley with live and ‘ready-to-work' bacteria, will be available over the counter from pharmacists and health food stores in Waterford from this month.

Heralded as a major breakthrough for Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferers, it has been proven as an effective treatment for the condition in an independent NHS trial, combating symptoms including bloating, constipation, cramping pain and diarrhoea, with no side effects.

IBS can be costly because sufferers may have to take several different prescription drugs to tackle various symptoms, whereas Symprove treats all their symptoms naturally.

Around a fifth of the country's 4.5 million population suffer from IBS, although experts believe this figure may be higher, as many people

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Tuesday, 2nd April 2013

A Framework for Improved Health and Wellbeing 2013 - 2025

Healthy Ireland, a new government framework for action to improve the health and wellbeing of people living in Ireland over the coming generation was launched today (28 March 2013). Healthy Ireland sets out a wide framework of actions that will be undertaken by Government Departments, public sector organisations, businesses, communities and individuals to improve health and wellbeing and reduce the risks posed to future generations.

Healthy Ireland has been developed in response to rising levels of chronic illness, lifestyle trends that threaten health and persistent health inequalities. Healthy Ireland is based on evidence and experience from around the world which shows that to create positive change in population health and wellbeing, a whole of government approach and the involvement of local communities as well as all of society is required.

An Taoiseach, Enda

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Tuesday, 2nd April 2013

Biblical perspectives for living GOOD NEWS:

Death Defeated!

While the Cross is the undisputed symbol of Christianity, Christians rejoice that the tomb where Christ was buried is now empty, and the early church incessantly preached about it (Acts 1:3; 2:24-32; 3:15; 4:10; 5:30). While His death was necessary to satisfy the righteous demands of the law, His resurrection showed that God accepted His sacrifice as full and final payment for sin (Romans 4:25).

First Corinthians 15 is the great chapter on resurrection in the New Testament. The chapter begins with Paul's classic summary of the gospel: "that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures" (vv. 3-4). He then goes on to deal not only with the necessity of the resurrection of Jesus but also

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Tuesday, 2nd April 2013

Osteoporosis is commonly thought of as an older women's disease, even though it affects both sexes and all age groups. Osteoporosis is known as the "Silent "disease because there are no signs or symptoms prior to a person breaking a bone. Osteoporosis is a thinning of the person's bones which results in bones breaking very easily. It is estimated that 300,000 people in Ireland have Osteoporosis. 50% of women and 25% of men over 50 will break a bone from Osteoporosis. There are many causes of Osteoporosis, which include low levels of vitamin D and Calcium. Vitamin D is necessary for Calcium absorption and low levels of vitamin D have also been linked to falls in senior citizens.

However 74.5% of the population has a vitamin D

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Tuesday, 2nd April 2013

Represent your county at the All-Ireland Chowder Cook-Off in Kinsale this April

Kinsale Chamber of Tourism and Kinsale's Good Food Circle are on the hunt for Ireland's best chowder, and have put a call out to all corners of the country to find a representative from each of the 32 counties to compete in the All-Ireland Chowder Cook-Off 2013.

Following on from the phenomenal success of last year's Chowder Cook-Off; Ireland's gourmet capital is pleased to announce details of this year's event which takes place on Sunday 21st April, in a bid to find Ireland's top chowder chef. The All-Ireland Chowder Cook-Off will see a mix of 32 top professional restaurant chefs, fishermen and those producing popular commercial chowders, represent their county and compete for the coveted title of All-Ireland

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Wednesday, 27th March 2013

Irish Naval Association Waterford Branch

The Waterford branch of the Irish Naval Associatin will hold its monthly meeting on Thursday 21st March in the Roanmore Centre, Cleaboy Road, at 20:00 hours. All members are requested to attend.

May we extend our congratuations to Tony O’Halloran on becoming National Vice President of the Irish Naval Association.

Charity Snooker Tournament

Former members of De La Salle Snooker Club invite Snooker players from all over the city to support a Charity Snooker event which will take place on Sunday 7th April at 3.30pm in the Showboat Snooker Club, The Glen, Waterford. The Format is Doubles and the draw will take place before 3.30pm so please be in time. €10 Entry and all proceeds will go to The Cystic Fibrosis Association of Ireland for updating facilities for child patients of CF who attend WRH.

Waterford Cheshire Bingo Night

Waterford Cheshire

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Wednesday, 27th March 2013

Rights of cohabitants

Question: I have been living with my partner for 10 years now. He was previously married and has two grown-up children. If he were to die, could I claim a widow’s pension, and what would happen to the house we live in, which he owns?

Answer : There is no social welfare pension for people whose partner dies. The Department of Social Protection may pay a pension to widows, widowers or surviving civil partners.

It is very important for yourself and your partner to make wills. If your partner dies without a will, you have no right to any share of his estate no matter how long you have been together.

Under a redress scheme for cohabiting couples you may apply for provision to be made from your partner’s estate. Where the partner dies in an existing relationship, you will not

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Wednesday, 27th March 2013

Members of Waterford YouthBank are competing against other YouthBanks all over Ireland to raise funds for a local charity and make a difference in their community.

Since 2008 Waterford YouthBank has granted over €12,600 to youth groups in Waterford city including Children’s Group link, Waterford Youth Arts, Foroige, Inner City Community Youth Project and Ballybeg Community Youth Project to name but a few… This money has been used to support young people in developing programmes such as personal development, team building and mini-enterprise. Waterford YouthBank has supported local organisations and schools to buy much needed equipment, encouraged youth entrepreneurial programmes and the development of new skills.

This year Waterford YouthBank is taking part in a different type of challenge to raise funds for grants....The Copper Mile Challenge.

Every cent they raise

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Wednesday, 27th March 2013

By Bill Sones and Rich Sones, PhD

Q. What makes a bullwhip's tip crack like a gun? (Brontosaurs, take note.)

A. The undulation traveling from the handle toward the end of the whip reaches supersonic velocities, unloosing a boomlet akin (in miniature version) to that of a supersonic plane breaking the sound barrier or the sound produced by a gun, says University of Arizona mathematician Alain Goriely.

Whips are specially designed for their flexibility (kangaroo leather preferred) and tapered so an initial impulse of moderate speed can easily accelerate to supersonic velocities within a few feet--"roll 'em out rawhide," as oldtime bullwhippers prodded cattle onward.

The first scientific proof of this supersonic motion came from Zephyrin Carriere in 1927, using high-speed digital photographs to show the tip reaching near Mach 3 (3 times the speed of sound in air).

Curiously, the tail of Brontosaurus had

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Wednesday, 27th March 2013

John Owens graduated from the Veterinary

College U.C.D. in 1997. He, along with his wife Susan, recently opened Ani-Pets veterinary clinic in Tramore, which is dedicated to the full time care of all companion animals, including exotic pets. He has a special interest in preventative medicine and nutrition.

The powerful interaction

The relationship between humans and their companion animals has evolved considerably over the last few decades. Where dogs and cats were at one time primarily considered outdoor, farm or yard animals, they are now treated as family members and are normally fully integrated into the daily lives of their owners. Although cruelty towards animals has always been an issue that provoked strong feelings, the general public is now focused on ensuring that animals receive adequate consideration and care.

Although having pets is a long-standing and

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    As dry as the SaharaIt seems that whenever the weather in Ireland goes a little bit extreme, we are somehow incapable of dealing with it. It has already happened so far this year with the snow that totally disrupted the country for about a week and also later on when some areas in the country were flooded due to excess rain. Now it is happening again because we are having to deal with a level of sunshine that is virtually unheard of in the country. And a level of sunshine that is going on for a good numbe …

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