Saturday, 22nd September 2018
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Tuesday, 7th May 2013

Renewing a passport

Question: Can I renew my Irish passport online? I live outside Dublin and can't easily get to the Passport Office. How long does the process take?

Answer: When renewing your passport, you use the same application form (APS 1) as when you apply for a first passport. It is not currently possible to apply for a passport online or to download the application form. You can get the form at any Garda Station or at any Post Office that displays the "Service Plus" logo.

You should read the detailed notes provided with the application form to make sure you complete your application correctly.

You are encouraged to use An Post's Passport Express service. In general, this guarantees that you will get your passport within 10 working days, but it may take longer at busy times of the year. Check the Passport

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Tuesday, 7th May 2013

By Bill Sones and Rich Sones, PhD

Q. Common computer curiosity: Is a 6-symbol password secure against hackers? Would more symbols help?

A. When it comes to guessing a password, number of permutations is key. The possibilities with just 6 symbols are enormous: Each password character can be selected from, say, 26 letters, either upper or lower case, and 10 numerals, as well as non-alphanumeric @, $ and &, say Jeffrey O. Bennett et al. in "Using and Understanding Mathematics: A Quantitative Reasoning Appro ach."

This yields 65 characters to choose from in each of the 6 slots, for a total of 65 x 65 x 65 x 65 x 65 x 65 permutations, or 75,418,890,625 (75 billion). So if someone automated a computer to guess a different random sequence at the rate of 100 every second, it would take an average of

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Tuesday, 7th May 2013

John Owens graduated from the Veterinary College U.C.D. in 1997. He, along with his wife Susan, recently opened Ani-Pets veterinary clinic in Tramore, which is dedicated to the full time care of all companion animals, including exotic pets. He has a special interest in preventative medicine and nutrition.

Is My Dog In Pain?

Reader's letter:

"Hi John, I have a nine month old Boxer dog who is outwardly healthy and very lively, loves going for his walks and playing with other dogs and my children. When I visit my own parents, I leave him in their large garden with their dogs and he spends the day running around and playing. The day after, he is quite stiff and will sleep for the day, and does not want to go for his walk. I don't know

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Tuesday, 7th May 2013

Clairvoyant - Numerologist – Astrologer Stan Phillips

To make an appointment for a personal reading at The Athanaeum House Hotel, Christendom, Ferrybank Tel: 085 - 7355683 Online readings: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloak48adfb492bc555a50dee2ae2c22b300a').innerHTML = ''; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addy48adfb492bc555a50dee2ae2c22b300a = 'stan' + '@'; addy48adfb492bc555a50dee2ae2c22b300a = addy48adfb492bc555a50dee2ae2c22b300a + 'readingsforlife' + '.' + 'com'; var addy_text48adfb492bc555a50dee2ae2c22b300a = 'stan' + '@' + 'readingsforlife' + '.' + 'com';document.getElementById('cloak48adfb492bc555a50dee2ae2c22b300a').innerHTML += ''+addy_text48adfb492bc555a50dee2ae2c22b300a+'';

Aries: March 21 – April 20

Don't allow anything to disturb your equilibrium this week - go with your flow for what you seek lies easy along your path, all that is required is patience and finding

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Tuesday, 7th May 2013

With Breda Gardner Homeopath, lcph, mcos, rgn

Health Therapies Clinic, 13 Gladstone Street, Waterford.

Tel: 087 2025753.

Insight Natural Health Clinic

15 Upper Patrick St, Kilkenny

Tel: 056 7724429

Breda Gardner runs busy natural health clinics in both Waterford and Kilkenny. She also presents monthly positive living seminars in Kilkenny. A native of Galway, Breda worked as a nurse for many years before studying a range of complementary therapies, including homeopathy, iridology, muscle–testing and nutrition.

Unusual Causes Of Illness!

I recently wrote about how electromagnetic stress can cause illness and imbalance in the body. Not everyone is susceptible, but I have come across many cases where people's health problems are caused by over-exposure to electrical devices, pylons, mobile phones and so on.

When I treat patients, I always place a great focus on identifying the maintaining causes of the problem. Of course I treat the symptoms, but if you

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Tuesday, 7th May 2013

Over four out of ten calls to the Senior Help Line centre in Waterford are related to loneliness according to the charity. Among the issues reported by callers were rural isolation and a lack of social contact with others. Statistics compiled by the charity from the last quarter of 2012 have also shown that health and family concerns are other major reason why older people avail of the service. On average almost one third of calls concerned health matters while almost a quarter of calls are about family concerns.

Senior Help Line provides a confidential listening service for older people by trained older volunteers for the price of a local call anywhere in Ireland. The purpose of the service is for older people to receive an empathic response on a variety of issues. The service is confidential, however Senior Help Line

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Tuesday, 7th May 2013

More than 7 out of 10 (72%) workers in Munster think there is a need for counselling and psychotherapy in the workplace, according to a recent study commissioned by the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP). The research also showed that almost 4 in 5 (77%) Irish adults under 24 would support counselling and psychotherapy in the workplace.

"People spend a large amount of time in their workplace, whether it's sitting at a desk or dealing with customers, so it's important to feel comfortable and content in your work environment. If mental health issues are affecting your work, talk to a friend, family member, doctor or the IACP who can direct you to an accredited counsellor or psychotherapist," said Shane Kelly, counsellor and Professional Services Manager at IACP.

Mr Kelly offered tips for dealing with mental health issues in the workplace:

- If

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Tuesday, 7th May 2013

Munster award

Heiton Buckley, Cork Road, Curran's Topline, Dungarvan and Morris Builder Providers, Waterford, have all been nominated in the Munster category of the Octabuild Builders Merchant Awards 2013.

This will be the 18th Octabuild Builders Merchant Awards. The companies who organise the awards as Octabuild are; Gyproc, Evo-Stik, Dulux Paints, Irish Cement, Kingspan Insulation, Sanbra Fyffe, Tegral and Wavin.

In total, five builders' merchants have been nominated for the Munster award. The winner will be announced at the awards presentation on Thursday 16th May in the Round Room of the Mansion House in Dublin.

Speaking about the awards the Chairman of Octabuild Michael O' Donohoe, said, "While there are signs that we are moving out of this recession the building materials sector needs to continue to focus on innovation and meeting the changing needs of its customer base. We urge all consumers to

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Tuesday, 7th May 2013

Biblical perspectives for living

The Patience And Mercy Of God

When God revealed himself to Moses he proclaimed his name as "The Lord, the Lord, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness, maintaining love to thousands, and forgiving wickedness rebellion and sin. Yet he does not leave the guilty unpunished…" (Exodus 34:6, 7).

God is slow to anger, longsuffering, and patient with people in their sin. He loves with a steadfast, faithful love and is willing to forgive sins. It is, to put it mildly, a good thing that God is like this. Were he not we would all be in an extremely difficult place. A.W. Pink defines God's patience as "that power of control which God exercises over Himself, causing Him to bear with the wicked and forbear so long in punishing them." This definition highlights

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Tuesday, 7th May 2013

A campaign encouraging consumers to make family favourite meals with Bord Bia Quality Assured eggs is being launched. It is part of the Bord Bia strategy to encourage consumers to buy more food with the Bord Bia Quality Mark, this sees the extension of the 'Your food is our passion' theme to the egg marketing programme.

The campaign includes a new TV advertisement featuring Ros na Run actor Lochlann O'Mearáin. O'Mearáin who also trained as a chef, shows viewers that with just a few eggs you have the makings of a feast of family favourites from scrambled eggs to omelettes, quiches, tarts and frittatas or the ump that tops a salad.

"A recent survey carried out for Bord Bia found that just 7% of respondents associate

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    When the latest statistic that waiting times for patients had risen to their highest level yet, there can't have been too many people that were surprised.There are now over 700.000 people on waiting lists with over 50.000 of them children. That so many people are waiting for treatment in one of the most developed economies in the world is truly frightening. Of course you can take into account the underfunding of the health sector during the economic downturn but it still wouldn't fully explain why so ma …

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