Tuesday, 22nd May 2018
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Wednesday, 2nd October 2013

The festive season is creeping up on us quickly and the ladies are beginning to think about parties, shopping and style! Where better to do your Christmas shopping than Clonmel town. Miss Ireland winner, Aoife Walshe, was dressed from Clonmel stores and boutiques and is an excellent style ambassador for the town.

Now, wouldn't it be great if we could all be as stylish as our very own Miss Ireland I hear you say? Well one lucky lady can! The Clonmel Retail Forum is running a make over competition and has enlisted the help of Margaret Doyle, Miss Ireland Aoife Walshe's personal stylist.

The prize is much sought after and includes a hair make over with the talented Cathy O'Reilly at her salon in Clonmel

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Wednesday, 2nd October 2013

A new booklet entitled 'Staying Fit for Farming' promoting farmers health and healthy lifestyles was launched recently at the National Ploughing Championships.

Addressing farmer health and developing an information publication on health was a major goal within the Farm Safety Action Plan (2009 to 2012) of the Farm Safety Partnership. 'Staying Fit for Farming' was produced by Dr Noel Richardson, Director of the Centre for Men's Health at Carlow Institute of Technology, following alarming research by Health Service Executive medical consultant in public health, Dr Breda Smyth.

Her study indicated that farmers have much higher death rates than most other groups in the occupational age range of 15 to 64 years old. The research, based on national mortality data, found that the death rate of farmers was over 5 times higher than salaried employees, who had the lowest death rate.

Farmers have particularly

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Wednesday, 2nd October 2013

'Trashionistas' from schools across Ireland, including 2013 Southern Finalists 'Neantoga' and 'Banrion Na Farraige' gathered recently to launch the call out for entrants for Junk Kouture Recycling Fashion Competition 2014.

The All-Ireland secondary school competition proudly supported by Bank of Ireland and European Recycling Platform (ERP) was launched with the help of students from Meanscoil San Nioclas (Waterford) & the Presentation School (Limerick) along with top model Rosanna Davison and a selection of fellow finalists from last year's competition.

Students showcased their entries and gave Rosanna some modelling tips that helped them to make it to the Grand Final catwalk in May of this year, giving future entrants a taster of what to expect from Junk Kouture 2014.

'Banrion Na Farraige' (Sea Queen), was designed by students from Meanscoil San Nioclas. Students Katie Ni

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Wednesday, 2nd October 2013

Mothers rise to the

Challenge again for 2013

Despite the fact that Ireland has one of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world, Irish mothers and babies defied the statistics to place first and second in the Quintessence Breastfeeding Challenge which took place across the world on Saturday, 1st October 2011. Irish charity Friends of Breastfeeding coordinated the Irish leg of the Challenge in eight venues nationwide, which saw nearly 400 children breastfeeding simultaneously. Dublin, which had 146 nurslings, and Cork (which was only just behind with 145) were triumphant as the top two sites in the world for 2011.

In 2012 we saw the opportunity to beat the 2011 count and had 536 children breastfeeding in nationwide venues including Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick among 12 of the national sites. Citywest in Dublin was again the largest venue worldwide with 175 children

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Wednesday, 2nd October 2013

Biblical perspectives for living

Courageous Faith

The acquittal in 1992 of police officers charged in relation to the alleged assault of African-American Rodney King inflamed public outrage in Los Angeles and other cities where racial tensions ran high. Video footage taken from a nearby balcony which showed the officers apparently assaulting King was widely broadcast. It is believed that these acquittals were the trigger for the 1992 Los Angeles riots which led to the deaths of 53 people and over two thousand injuries.

When the riots erupted an African-American named Benny Newton, an ex-convict who was the pastor of an inner city mission for troubled black men, watched the dramatic live broadcasts which showed groups of rioters brutally assaulting innocent bystanders. On witnessing these events Newton rushed to the flashpoint of the riots and entered a scene which resembled a horror movie. A

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Wednesday, 2nd October 2013

(October 7th – 13th)

On, Friday 20th September details of this years Cheerios Childline Breakfast Together Week were announced at Fire at The Mansion House. Claudine Keane, wife of Rep of Ireland captain Robbie Keane was on hand to launch the fundraiser with children from Warrenmount primary school who every year host a breakfast.

Over the past six years this event has become one of the biggest fundraisers for Childline with last year's event raising over €225,000 for the Childline service which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary. Breakfasts big and small will take place around the country and Childline is encouraging everyone to host or attend a breakfast .

'Childline is the only 24 hour listening support service for children and young people in Ireland" said Ashley Balbirnie CEO of ISPCC. "But 715 calls a day go unanswered and this to us

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Wednesday, 2nd October 2013

Knockanore Farmhouse Cheese welcomes visitors

Ballyneety, Knockanore, Co Waterford. 10th October

This is a fabulous opportunity to visit an award winning cheese farm. Knockanore Cheese produces unpasteurised cow's milk cheddar cheese from their own pedigree Friesian herd.

Visitors will meet the owner for a guided tour of the manufacturing facility where they will get to view the cheese making, packing and labelling process. There will be a cheese tasting and each visitor will receive a sample wedge free of charge. There will also be an opportunity for discussion at the end of the tour.

The Discover Farmhouse Cheese programme, a new EU co-funded campaign organised by Bord Bia, is a celebration of farmhouse cheese in Ireland. Bord Bia is encouraging the public to discover the unique character of the individual cheeses

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Wednesday, 2nd October 2013

The number of people eating eggs in Ireland for dinner or a snack has doubled over the past year. An additional 370,000 dinners are made with eggs each week, with 37% of the population now eating eggs as part of their main meal. More young families are choosing eggs for dinner while young, single people are making more snacks and suppers using eggs.

375 million eggs were purchased in shops and supermarkets in Ireland over the past 12 months. Sales of eggs are growing faster than most fresh foods in the shopping trolley with 7% growth recorded over the last year. We now spend €92million a year on retail sales of eggs.

An additional 300,000 breakfasts made with eggs are cooked each week when compared with 2012 figures, with 62% of the population eating eggs as a main part of their breakfast

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Wednesday, 25th September 2013

Pregnant Woman fails in bid to change HSE Decision on Home Birth

Fiona Ormond

Solicitor with MJ O’Connor


Confederation House, Cork Road, Waterford. 051 355663

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloak494d1a201a80b071692872f91d485a1f').innerHTML = ''; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addy494d1a201a80b071692872f91d485a1f = 'formond' + '@'; addy494d1a201a80b071692872f91d485a1f = addy494d1a201a80b071692872f91d485a1f + 'mjoc' + '.' + 'ie'; var addy_text494d1a201a80b071692872f91d485a1f = 'formond' + '@' + 'mjoc' + '.' + 'ie';document.getElementById('cloak494d1a201a80b071692872f91d485a1f').innerHTML += ''+addy_text494d1a201a80b071692872f91d485a1f+'';

In August an expectant woman took a case to the High Court in her attempt at Judicial Review of the HSE decision not to allow her a home birth. In her particular circumstance she had a caesarean section 6 years prior

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Wednesday, 25th September 2013

JobsPlus scheme

Question: What is the new JobsPlus Scheme?

Answer: JobsPlus is a new cash incentive to encourage employers to employ jobseekers from the Live Register. The Department of Social Protection will pay the incentive to the employer monthly in arrears over a two-year period. It will provide two levels of regular cash payments to employers depending on how long the jobseeker has been unemployed - €7,500 (paid over two years) for people who have been unemployed for a year and €10,000 (paid over two years) for people who have been unemployed for two years. The employee does not get any extra payment.

To qualify, both the employee and the employer must meet certain conditions.

Eligible employees must have been getting Jobseeker’s Benefit (JB) or Jobseeker’s Allowance (JA), or signing for credits and:

- Have been at least 12 months (312 days) on the Live

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Letters to the Editor


    Cultural AttitudesThe recent survey by Price Waterhouse Cooper into cultural attitude that exist in the police force made for some interesting reading. One of the main findings in the report was that respondents felt that it was best to keep your head down and if you did think that something was wrong that it was better for yourself if you kept quiet about it.Another finding was that a significant amount of Gardai felt that it was who you knew and not what you knew that determined how far you advan …

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