Wednesday, 19th September 2018
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Although the fact that this movie stars Bruce Willis and that fact is well highlighted the actor doesn’t really take that much of a role in the film and the story really revolves around three brothers.

One of the brothers is getting married and both him and his fiancee go out on their stag and hen nights on the same night. The only problem is that the woman gets into a fight with two men in a club and when she leaves early they are waiting for her outside. Unfortunately for her the two men are part of a crime ring that involves trafficking women and selling drugs. They kidnap the woman and bring her off to a safe house. Bruce Willis is the cop that is investigating the crime ring but there is very little that he can do to help the three brothers when they come to him and tell him what has happened.

It’s then that the brothers decide to take matters into their own hands and set about tracking down the woman. Little do they realise what they really will be getting themselves into. Two of the brothers are ex military so they have access to tons of guns and other equipment with which to find and take out the bad guys. At first they don’t fully understand the huge operation that they are fighting against and the fact that the group is set to move out of state just makes things harder for them. Another spanner is thrown into the works when it turns out that the guy that heads up the organisation has just done a deal with the FBI to turn state’s evidence against a whole other raft of drug dealers meaning that he will be left alone in exchange for his testimony. The brothers eventually track down the woman but it isn’t the end of things. Of course there is carnage but little do they realise that the crime ring has found out where they live and when they arrive back at their house they find one of their wives dead. That isn’t the end of it. The last of the crime ring turn up at house later that night and begin to shoot it up. One brother dies.

Of course they fight back and win but the head of the crime ring gets away. He doesn’t completely get away and he does pay the ultimate price. The best thing you can really say about this movie is that it isn’t too long. It won’t be the worst film that you’ve ever seen but certainly not the best. So so even with Bruce Willis.


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