Wednesday, 19th September 2018
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If the early signs I'm seeing are anything to go by it looks like it is going to be a bumper harvest. Bramble bushes laden with blackberries, hawthorn trees heaving with haws and the list goes on. A recent walk in Glendalough was interrupted by bits of beech mast falling on me when passing under a beech tree. Stopping for a few minutes revealed Red Squirrels feasting on the beech nuts high up in the canopy building up their energy and fat reserves for the lean times of winter.

Oak trees near where I live are smothered in fresh acorns. Many years the number of acorns can be quite sparse not so this year. The coming weeks will see Jays and Squirrels raiding the Oak larder and caching the acorns one by one in secret locations mainly by just burying them in the grass. How they remember where they have put them never ceases to amaze me!


The children are back at school, the days starting to shorten and the nights are a wee bit cooler- yes unfortunately summer is at end, but what a summer it was. Of course that means autumn is now upon us and after the long, hot dry days of the best summer in forty years Mother Nature will be sharing her bounty of berries, fruits, nuts and mushrooms during the annual harvest period.


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