Wednesday, 19th September 2018
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A middle aged married couple are dropping off their teenage daughter for her last year at college when the husband turns to the wife and tells her that he is divorcing her. Needless to say this comes out of the blue for the wife and she is devastated. Floundering wildly she goes to her parent's house to talk to them about what she should do next. There she hits on the idea of going back to college herself to finish the last year of the degree that she never saw out. She had just gotten married and was pregnant and she and her husband thought it was better that he finish his degree and she become a housewife. Now with the divorce looming she thinks that it's about time to concentrate on her own needs and one of them is finishing the degree that she always wanted.

When she does finally go back to college she finds it hard at first, always thinking and behaving like a mother rather than as a student. But then as the weeks role on she settles into student life more and more and before you know it she is out partying the students like there is no tomorrow.

This is yet another Melissa McCarthy comedy vehicle that is so bereft of laughs that it isn't even funny. Not only does she star in the movie but she also wrote and co produced the film as well.

Mellisa McCarthy earlier on in her career starred in some funny films and she can be a great comic actress but these days her career is in one long downward spiral. It is hard to think of who pays out money to go to her films and actually enjoys them.

There is nothing funny in any of the scenarios that pepper the movie, even a relationship she develops with a male student half of her age isn't played for laughs. At this stage it is hard to remember what exactly made Mellisa McCarthy's name when all she seems capable of is turning out flaming messes like this one.


It seems that there is no end to the Jurassic Park franchise with the studio churning out new movies on an increasingly rapid basis.

The whole premise of this film is that the deserted, except for dinosaurs, Isla Nublar is going to become extinct because of an exploding volcano. There are those who believe that the dinosaurs should be left to their fate but a small group of idealists believe they should be saved.

In steps a hugely wealthy elderly businessman who provides the idealists with the money and a deserted island ready for the translocation of the dinosaurs. But of course nothing goes according to plan due to the greed of some rogue elements who disrupt the movement of some of the more dangerous animals.

The plot of this movie is a little ropey and at times a little po faced but there is no denying the genius of the CGI in the movie. The film can, at times, be a little too scary for the younger viewer but other than that it's a great popcorn movie that can be enjoyed by all the family.


This might be considered a relatively old movie but it doesn't stop it from being screened quite regularly on television and still draw in large numbers of viewers.

It was one of the first films that explored the whole relationship of superhero comics on the reality of the lives of those who read them.

In this film a teenage guy who is a comic book fan decides to take his worship of the genre to the next level and wear his own particular suit that he orders over the internet and go out onto the street to prevent crime. The first time he does it it's a disaster, he ends up in hospital with a bad stab wound and is run over by a car into the bargain.

But that doesn't stop him from going out again and when he gets mixed up in a fight that is filmed and goes viral on the internet he becomes instantly famous.

Unfortunately for Kick Ass, as he names himself, this puts him in the line of fire of a serious crime gang who decide that he is the person responsible for meddling in their own drugs enterprise. He isn't, that is down to a father and daughter duo called Big Daddy and Hit Girl.

While there are many things to enjoy about this movie most of them revolve around the character of Hit Girl played by Chloe Grace Moretz. Of the three big set fight sequences she is at the center of each of them and much of the action outside of that revolves around her.

As much as the movie is about Kick Ass it could easily be renamed Hit Girl. A great, funny movie that skewers the pompousness of many other super hero films.


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