Tuesday, 17th July 2018
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Aries- This week is a 9

Hunt for new income. Practice your sales and marketing skills. Polish your digital profile and presentation. Update your portfolio.

Taurus- This week is a 9

Words and actions come together for a personal project. A financial or emotional challenge presents a hurdle. Resolve practical details.

Gemini- This week is a 6

Intellect and intuition agree. Consider your vision, and make plans to realize it. Do the homework to ace the test. Pool your resources.

Cancer- This week is an 8

Your friends are there for you. Don't strain the budget. Find creative solutions to cut expenses. Share sweet moments together and strengthen bonds.

Leo- This week is an 8

Professional puzzles require careful thought. Align logic and emotion. Find a creative, efficient solution.

Virgo- This week is an 8

Long distance travel or cultural studies open your eyes to new ways of thinking. Learn and grow. Develop your talents and skills to new levels.

Libra- This week is an 8

Draw up a financial plan to accomplish long-desired goals. Invest time, energy and funding into home, family and real estate, one step at a time

Scorpio- This week is a 7

You and your partner can resolve an issue that has been bugging you. Consider your own responsibility.

Sagittarius- This week is an 8

Strengthen basic and foundational practices. Challenge yourself to learn and refine techniques. Eat and rest well. Keep showing up. Steadily grow stronger.

Capricorn- This week is a 7

Relax and enjoy time with family and friends. Do something thoughtful for someone special. Give love away and have more.

Aquarius-This week is a 7

Make repairs and upgrades. Elbow grease produces satisfying results. Clean and reduce the clutter level.

Pisces- This week is an 8

Harness a creative idea and run with it. Intellectual curiosity leads to fascinating solutions.


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