Tuesday, 21st August 2018
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Britain’S Got Talent

Usually the audition round of this variety show is one of the best parts when all of the freaks and no talents get to strut their stuff on stage and just bring the idea of embarrassing yourself to a whole new level. When the show starts to get serious with the semi finals and the finals the fun starts to leak out of the programme as it begins to take itself way too seriously. Every single performer that comes out onto the stage is told that they’re the very best that the judges have ever seen and that they should go on to have a career that would make the best of Hollywood green with envy. It is sort of sad to see people being built up so much, especially when they’re nothing special and they’d be glad to get a residency in a Butlin’s that is just about to close down for the season.

What the title of the show forgets to mention is that just ‘some’ of it’s acts have got talent. In fact there are very few performers that you would want to see again or even have the range to develop their act from one performance to another. There are only so many groups of dancing kids, singing kids, lame comedians, magicians and novelty acts that you can see without losing the will to live. That is why the audition rounds are some of the most amusing as there is a level of people performing who seem to be immune to understanding of just how bad they are and that is always entertaining to watch. What the makers of the show fail to understand that it isn’t the majority of the acts that make it to the final that people will remember but those acts in the audition rounds that go down in flames.

In a way it is quite similar to the X Factor where the public rounds are the most interesting as the audience gets to see both the very, very bad side by side with the very, very good. There is one thing that will see this year as standing out from all others and that is the fact that Ant is no longer performing alongside Dec during the live rounds. Everyone knows what has happened to make Ant pull out from the shows and his participation has been missed. There is no way that the duo could ever really work any other way and it is a bit of a shame to see Dec doing it all on his own even though he seems to have made a good fist of it. As a brand Britain’s Got Talent seems to be able to pull in performers both amateur and professional from all over the country and even from abroad with ease and will probably continue to do so for many years yet. The only problem is that it, like it’s stablemate The X Factor, seems to hype itself beyond a point that they are unable to match and that will see it’s inevitable decline. All hype and no real content is the road that this show is going down.

A Very English Scandal.

When you read about an ‘English scandal’ then you know immediately that it is short hand for a sexual scandal. In this particular case it was a sexual affair between the leader of the Liberal Party Jeremy Thorpe and a man called Norman Scott. Considering that it happened during the 1970’s then you just know that the affair would have had a far greater impact then it would if it had happened today. Sexual scandals still have the power to bring politicians down but they were even far more potent back then in a society that was far more conservative. What made the affair even more scandalous was that Thorpe actually had people hired to try and murder his one time lover Scott. What was also very ‘English’ about this was that it was all so inept and Scott eventually ended up going to the newspapers about what had happened. He had already tried the police and members of Thorpe’s own party but when that didn’t help and a serious attempt was made on his life he ended up going to the papers. There was a huge court case that brought everything out into the open and effectively ended the political career of Thorpe. The book on which this three part series is based was a darkly comic tale of intrigue and ineptitude where people conspired to kill the one time lover of a man who was the leader of one of the most important political parties in British parliamentary history. The lead roles played by Hugh Grant and Ben Wishaw were perfectly judged and the series was quality throughout.


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