Tuesday, 19th June 2018
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Fantastic Mr Fox

In recent weeks I've been fortunate enough to have several encounters with a fox family on my lunchtime walk out of the office by the River Dodder in the heart of Dublin, as well as numerous sightings of adult foxes in daytime around Co. Wicklow.

There are few wild sights in Ireland as magnificent as that of a Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes), or as Gaeilge Sionnach or Madra Rua.

May and the summer months is the best time of year for seeing foxes.

Cubs that were born deaf and blind in March in an underground burrow (an earth) have now been weaned, shed their chocolatey brown baby coat and are exploring the world in and around the earth.

The presence of a fox family in an area becomes apparent as the ground in front of the earth becomes flattened and worn and littered with bones and food scraps as the youngsters tumble and play together honing the skills they will eventually need to fend for themselves.

Both the female (vixen) and male (dog) fox help to feed and rear the cubs.

They are sometimes assisted by "aunties"


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