Saturday, 22nd September 2018
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Dirty Grandpa

Robert De Niro is one of a small number of actors who has managed to prolong his career over a number of decades by branching out into all types of roles.

He has already done comedy quite successfully in 'Analyze This' and here in this film he has returned to a comedic role once again. In it he plays a recently widowed man who is determined to get the most out of what remains of his life. The only hindrance is the fact that his family seem to think they know better about what he should be doing with his life and it isn't running after young co-eds and doing drugs.

In the movie De Niro says to his family that he wants to go to his and his late wife's holiday home in Florida because he feels that he will be closer to her there. He needs someone to help with the driving duties and his grandson, played by Zac Efron, is given the job. Efron is an uptight young man who is all about his career and especially all about his forthcoming marriage which is in a week's time.

There is the clear sense that he is under the thumb of his fiancee who is constantly ringing him to update Efron on the latest organisational developments of their wedding. To say that the woman is super uptight would be putting things mildly. Efron is not too happy that he has to drive his grandpa to Florida with his wedding so near but it's a family obligation and he feels he has to do it. The only thing is that his grandpa has far different plans. He wants to go to Florida alright but not to the holiday home but to Daytona Beach for Spring Break where there will be tons of hot girls that he might have the chance of sleeping with. When Efron finally realizes that this is the real plan he is horrified and tries his best to get his grandpa to change his mind. But his grandpa is made of sterner stuff and even isn't above drugging his grandson to get him to do what he wants him to do.

This is a gross out comedy along the lines of Bad Santa, grown ups doing things that they shouldn't and especially saying things that they shouldn't. The only problem that the film has is that it really hasn't the courage of it's convictions and some way into the film it gets all schmaltzy and soft centered with people learning things about themselves and discovering their true feelings about what they really should be doing with their lives.

That being said it does have its funny moments and most of these come from De Niro who once again proves that he is a really versatile actor.

Efron is fine in his part but he just isn't suited to the role that he has to play. He strips off quite a bit in the film but we're seriously supposed to accept that an uptight career man would have a body like that is stretching things too far. A fine enough movie but it's a pity that it loses its sharp edge the further the movie develops.


This panel comedy show is one of those programmes that the t.v. formats are littered with. They won't exactly steal your life away from you but on the other hand they aren't really that funny either. The premise of the show is that each person on the panel has to tell a story that might or might not be a lie and it's up to the other team to question them and figure out if they are really lying or not. This premise presupposes a lot of things and the main one is that the people on the show have had interesting lives and in the main you have to say that they haven't.

The stories just aren't that interesting and you don't really care whether they are true or not. If you're lucky you might just get one interesting person on the programme who has something interesting or strange to talk about and make you think but in the main that isn't the case and most of the people, celebrities or not, are just plain boring.

Other than the stories that each of the people get to tell there is another part where a person comes on and each member of the three person panel gets to tell a story of how they are connected to them. Again out of the three maybe one of the people has the imagination to come up with a good connection, false or not, and the opposing team gets to question them on it. Somehow you get the feeling that people are just going through the motions.

It's hard to decipher if there is a laugh track on the show or whether there is a live studio audience. If there is a live studio audience you just hope that the entire proceedings doesn't take up too much of their time.


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